Mo Rocca's Rock Star Moments

Mo Rocca lets nothing stand in his way when it comes to getting up close and intimate with America's most intriguing foods. Take a tour of Mo's most outrageous and delicious Food(ography) moments.

Getting Into It

Mo bundles up and takes some wine from an ice luge "to the face." Mo's insatiable curiosity for the culinary gets him into all sorts of uniquely outrageous Food(ography) situations.

Frozen Delights

Staying Cool

When the Southern heat is scorching, one must do all he can to stay cool. Mo grabs a mason jar of Southern sweet tea and hops on a vintage porch swing. No porch? No problem: Mo plops his in the middle of the living room.

Southern Food

Going the Distance

Sometimes, authentic Southern dishes like alligator stew require a bit of a struggle to obtain the necessary "ingredients." Mo will stop at nothing to savor the finest and freshest alligator the South has to offer, no matter the obstacle.

Southern Food

Crazy for Candy

Discipline is a cruel mistress. When it comes to candy, Mo throws caution to the wind and loses himself in sugary pleasure. But even on a sugar high, Mo has the forethought to accessorize, sporting a fashion-forward, candy-dot headband and licorice necklace.


Sugar Science

Once Mo's blood sugar returns to normal levels, he's able to conduct a more measured investigation examining candy's main ingredient: sugar. Creating confections is a science, so Mo channels the ancient scientific masters through this wig and ruffle ensemble of yore.


A Thanksgiving Pilgrimage

Speaking of history, what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with authentic Pilgrim role-playing? Mo celebrates the biggest food person holiday of them all by getting into the Pilgrim spirit with a roasted turkey leg and this fetching vintage ensemble.


Thar She Blows!

Mo is on the prowl for the freshest seafood in the country. As always, he's dressed to kill.


All Tied Up

There's no place Mo won't go to better understand the psychology of a succulent roast pig. And what did he discover? It's hard to talk with an apple in your mouth.


Lounging With the Detail

Mo takes no chances in the big city of Los Angeles: With all that food knowledge tucked away inside his brain, Mo is one very valuable foodie resource. (Plus, it's always nice to have someone to fetch you a beverage when you're poolside.)

Los Angeles

A Day at the Spa

Nothing makes Mo happier than getting up close and personal with America's favorite foods. So after a long day of arduous pie-sampling "research," what better way to decompress than by enjoying a restorative banana cream pie facial?



Another way to relax is to responsibly enjoy a few beverages. Always the overachiever, Mo goes to town and literally tries to "get to the bottom" of this keg of beer — in the name of Food(ography) investigative research, of course.



Today, food and technology are linked closer than ever before: Food websites are all the rage. As usual, Mo goes all-out and dons the most high-tech garb he can find.

Websites and Food

Caught Red-Handed

Speaking of technology, sometimes Mo can't help himself. Caught in the act of texting while on the job, Mo can't hide even in this sleek disguise.


Nothing beats delicious baked goods, especially cookies and cakes. Mo, always eager to immerse himself in the most delicious food, literally "dives right into" this cake. Don't try this at home — without a spatula and hardhat, that is.

Cakes & Cookies

I'm Waiting for You, Santa!

After sampling one too many Christmas cookies, Mo takes a sugar-coma midwinter's nap. When the visions of sugarplums stop dancing, he'll be ready to conquer more scrumptious Christmas confections.

Winter Holidays


Mo challenges anyone who thinks they have more Food(ography) knowledge to a (toy pistol) duel. Beware: Mo has the sharpest mind in the West.

Frozen in Thought

Once again, Mo braves the cold and contemplates the differences between a large ice block and an individual fruity popsicle. Not even frigid temperatures keep Mo from appreciating the juxtaposition of a food's raw material and the finished product.

Frozen Delights

Saving Every Penny

If Mo has extra change jingling in his pockets, he's sure to deposit it safely into his piggy bank. Mo knows the value of saving up his extra coins, since some of the best eats around are cheap eats.

Cheap Eats & Drinks

California Cheesy

The hills of San Francisco are known for many things, one of them being incredible cheese. And if anyone knows how to get cheesy in San Francisco, it's Mo. Mo always lets his surroundings inspire his outfits, so it's no surprise that tie-dye and a bandana make the cut for this earthy San Francisco snack.

San Francisco

Sleeping With the Fish

Mo is always invested in his relationship with his food. For example, Mo likes to snooze and share pillow talk with his seafood. Mo knows a happy and emotionally satisfied swordfish is a delicious swordfish.


The Frugal Gourmet

Not all fabulous feasts have to break the piggy bank. And just because it's fast food doesn't mean Mo isn't dressing up for the occasion.


Dreaming of Duck

Mo holds this authentic Peking duck with reverence and respect, although its tantalizing aroma and succulent skin are no doubt driving him crazy. Chinatown is surely the best place to find one of these golden beauties.



Mo Rocca's love of authentic Mexican cuisine is fairly obvious, especially considering how at home he appears with this mariachi band. After all, Mo was named after the iconic mariachi instrument, the maracas — or were the maracas named after Mo? The world may never know.


Ode to Lederhosen

In celebration of bar food, Mo acquires some awesome German lederhosen. Could one dream of wearing anything else while enjoying a stein and a warm pretzel?

Bar Food

Yes, a Beer Helmet

OK, yes, Mo can: A beer helmet is always appropriate when enjoying beer. Never one to not go all the way with a theme, Mo throws on a fraternity T-shirt as well.



Mo is a complete and total veggie lover, and where better to celebrate fresh produce than San Francisco, the birth place of the green market? Mo stuffs as many veggies into this ensemble as he can — a carrot with a leafy top makes a stylish stand-in for the traditional feather in his cap.

San Francisco

Before-Dinner Apéritif ...

Always sophisticated, Mo dons a tux for this glamorous examination of America's finest cocktails. Mo is poised for an elegant night of learning and cocktail sampling.


... And After-Dinner Digestif

After a night of serious cocktail "examination," Mo's enthusiasm for his subject is more evident than ever. Mo's disheveled-chic ensemble reflects his unbridled passion for this bubbly subject.