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Pinata Cupcake

This festive chocolate cupcake has two surprises: The wrapper is made of edible chocolate, and when you bust it open it's full of assorted candy.

Rise and Shine Cupcake

Eat cake for breakfast with this sweet-and-savory vanilla cupcake topped with Canadian bacon, a poached egg, maple-infused hollandaise sauce and crispy bacon.

Sky-High Cupcake

How do you improve a cupcake? Add a stack of a dozen mini pancakes, held together by vanilla icing.

Sundae Funday

It'll take your whole squad to tackle this monstrosity. The super-sized sundae has chocolate, vanilla, mint and black cherry ice cream topped with candy, sprinkles, bananas, caramel and cherries.

Taco Sundae

Don't worry, this isn't ice cream — this layered "sundae" is more like a breakfast burrito bowl, combining scrambled eggs, mushrooms, bacon, guacamole, sour cream and salsa.

The Green Thumb

Remember eating "worms in dirt" when you were a kid? This sundae takes the childhood dessert to a new level with a sundae hidden underneath a layer of cookie-crumb "dirt" and gummy worms, and then a mint sprig with an edible flower "growing" out of the top.

Invisible Ravioli

Abracadabra! These see-through ravioli are made with rice paper and stuffed with shrimp and pickled vegetables, and then covered in a spicy sauce. They're so good that they’ll disappear in minutes.

Mamma Mia Ravioli

Cut into this giant deep-fried ravioli and you'll find spaghetti and meatballs hiding inside — two delicious Italian dishes in one.

Dessert Ravioli

After having pasta for dinner, have pasta for dessert, too: ravioli filled with chocolate-hazelnut cream.

Banana Split Burrito

Sweeten your burrito with fried bananas, tart pineapple, strawberries, vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge.  

Sushi Burrito

This burrito is one giant sushi roll, filled with rice, tempura shrimp, tofu and spicy pickled veggies.

Mexican All-Star Burrito

This is like Mexican-food Inception: A pork chimichanga is stuffed inside a veggie taco, and then the whole thing is stuffed inside a cheese-and-bean burrito.

Cupcakes with a Chance of Meatballs

No, that’s not a pile of spaghetti — it’s angel food cupcakes topped with icing, hazelnut-chocolate meatballs and strawberry ragu.

The Houdini

Meat lovers, we've found a solution to the problem of too much spaghetti and not enough meatballs: Packed inside a giant meatball is spaghetti with marinara sauce.

Ellis Island

This Italian take on the ramen burger has a giant meatball patty sandwiched between deep-fried spaghetti buns.

Game of Cones

Forget ice cream — a cone is best filled with sauce, pepperoni, sausage and melted mozzarella cheese.


Cookie-crust pizza is topped with white chocolate shavings, pepperoni-shaped chocolate slices and strawberry jam.

Leaning Tower of Pizza

This tall tower of flavor is made up of 14 personal pizzas wrapped up in a larger pizza!

The Cheeseburger Fries    

This dish replaces the bun of the classic burger with fries, intermingling meat, ketchup, mustard, onions, cheese and pickles.

Canuck Carnival Fries

This Canadian poutine covered with cheese curds, gravy, bacon and pulled pork gets extra Canada-fied with the quintessential Canadian dessert, butter tarts, added to the mix.

Hansel and Gretel Fries

Hansel and Gretel would risk their lives for these sweet potato fries covered in marshmallows, white chocolate shavings, vanilla icing, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Funnel Cake Ice Cream Sandwich

This sweet ice cream sandwich combines all of your carnival favorites: funnel cakes, cotton candy, ice cream and chocolate.

The Big Apple Funnel Cake

New York City is the concrete jungle where dreams are made of — particularly dreams about candied apples, vanilla ice cream and crunchy spun caramel atop a funnel cake.

Roller Coaster Funnel Cake

Tell your taste buds to hold on tight through the twists and turns of this garlic-flavored funnel cake loaded with spicy chicken, blue cheese dressing and candy corn.

The Birthday Shake    

Your inner 5-year-old won't be able to resist the ice cream, sprinkles, cake crumble and cotton-candy topper.

The Harlem Shake 

The best parts of a Harlem brunch — fried chicken, waffles and bacon — come together in this creamy buttermilk shake. Just one sip will have you dancing!

The Mayan Milkshake 

Mexican chocolate, spicy red pepper and coffee combine in this unique shake.

The Billionaire Burger  

Filet mignon is covered with caviar and a lobster claw before being nestled into a golden bun. Eat this decadent burger with your pinkies out.

The Big Kahuna Burger 

The towering breakfast burger is the ultimate morning starter, with a pork patty, fried egg and grilled pineapple sandwiched between two fluffy waffles.

The Pie-in-the-Fry Burger 

Deep-fried pizza buns. Need we say more? In between them is a meatball patty smothered in mozzarella and marinara sauce.

The Paul Bunyan    

Paul Bunyan takes on a new giant form with a triple-decker pancake sandwich, filled with two half-pound pork and chicken patties, lettuce and tomato.

The Rising Sun

Who says you can't eat sushi for breakfast? The Rising Sun is a sweet sushi roll of rice pudding with kiwi, mango and pineapple, all wrapped up in a thin chocolate crepe-style pancake.


Cure your hangover with a boozy breakfast. This high stack of beer-batter pancakes, bacon, breakfast ham and whiskey syrup will keep the party going.

Six Degrees of Woven Bacon

Have a mega fiesta at breakfast with scrambled eggs, bell peppers and cheese, all inside a woven bacon taco shell.

When Pigs Fly

Start your day with a flight of bacon strips dipped in four different flavors of glaze: chocolate-pistachio, cinnamon, fennel and strawberry. That's our kind of shot.  

Romeo and Juliet

The star-crossed lovers, sweet and salty, star in this epic dish of chocolate brownie covered in icing and chunks of bacon. 

Early Bird Grilled Cheese

"The early bird gets the worm" has never sounded so delicious. With three slices of French toast, plus fried eggs, bacon and melted cheddar cheese drizzled in maple syrup, the Early Bird Grilled Cheese will perk you up.

Double Decker

Meet the ultimate sweet and savory grilled cheese. Three apple turnovers surround two layers of Granny Smith apple slices and sharp cheddar cheese.

The Oktoberfest Grilled Cheese

Bratwurst, sauerkraut, Muenster cheese and grainy mustard start the German party between two pretzels.

Ragin' Cajun Cheesecake 

This ain't your average cheesecake. This savory cake combines cheddar, cream cheese and cayenne pepper with crab and shrimp meat, and then is garnished with whole prawns.

The Elvis Cheesecake

Thank you, thank you very much to the creators of The Elvis Cheesecake, which is loaded with the king's favorites: peanut butter cups, bacon and bananas. Have mercy!

Mount Fujisicle 

These cheesecake popsicles dipped in chocolate and coated in graham cracker crumbs seem tame, but one bite will cause some serious steam — the whole pop is infused with wasabi. 

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