A Culinary Tour Through Spain

Host of From Spain with Love, Annie Sibonney, takes us on a culinary tour of the sights and tastes of Spain.

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Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Photo By: Kirsten Scully ©Kirsten Scully

Your Tour Guide to Spain

Annie Sibonney knows Spain. After starting her own culinary tour company, she's spent the past five years eating her way through the rich cooking history of the country in search of the most memorable meals and culinary pleasures.

Andalucia On a Plate

From the sun-drenched beaches of Mallorca to the rugged Pyrenees, the quaint fishing villages of Galicia to cosmopolitan Madrid, every region of Spain enjoys its own flavor of cuisine. This traditional plate of pescado frito — Andalusian-style fried seafood — from Seville in the south of Spain includes anchovies, shrimp and cod croquettes.

The Spanish Pantry

Some of the most popular spices used in Spanish cooking are pimenton (Spanish paprika), ground cumin, bay leaves, garlic, nuras (sweet chili pepper), onions and parsley.

A Town Rich in History

In Seville, Annie strolls through the historic Plaza de España, which was designed to showcase Spain's industry and technology. The many tiled alcoves each represent a province of Spain.

Soaking in Seville's Sights

Annie hops off her bike to get a closer look at La Plaza, which was built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929 and is a landmark example of the Renaissance Revival style of Spanish architecture.

Spanish Star Chefs

Annie cooks alongside the "godfather" of modern Basque cuisine, chef Juan Mari Arzak, at his restaurant in San Sebastian. His reinvention of traditional Basque cooking revolutionized the culinary world in the 1970s and '80s. Today, he continues to push gastronomic boundaries with his daughter and restaurant partner, Elena Arzak.

Museum of Food

At the famous beachfront restaurant Casa Bigote in Sanlucar de Barrameda, Annie enjoys fresh seafood with chef/owner Paco Hermoso. A virtual museum, the restaurant's walls document Sanlucar's past with photographs, clippings and fishing artifacts.

Straight From the Sea

Paco's knowledge of the seafood of the Atlantic has earned him the respect of fishermen near and far. Annie enjoys some of the freshest langostines that southern Spain has to offer.

Meanwhile, in the Kitchen...

Annie gets a live demo as Paco Hermoso prepares one of his specialties, langostines and monkfish with fried bread.

A Regional Specialty

This famous dish of langoustines and monkfish has won Chef Hermoso many accolades.

Tapas: A Way of Life

Tapas is more than a type of food in Spain — it's a lifestyle of sharing food. Annie discusses the origins of tapas with Javier, the owner of El Rinconcillo, one of the oldest tapas bars in Seville.

Caliente in the Kitchen

Annie heads back into the kitchen to prepare tapas alongside Daniel, the head chef at El Rinconcillo.

Scrambled Eggs and Serrano Ham

Revueltos – scrambled eggs with a selection of Serrano ham – is a traditional tapa served at El Rinconcillo.

Just Sit Back and Relax

A surefire way for a tourist to stand out in Spain? Try to pay for drinks or tapas while ordering. The Spanish relax and enjoy the experience, then simply request la cuenta when they're finished and ready to leave.

A Tapas Staple

No Spanish tapas crawl is complete without a sampling of Manzanilla olives.

A Feast Worth the Risk

Annie shares a feast of steamed percebes (goose barnacles) with fishermen in Galicia after risking dangerous surf off of northern Spain's aptly named "Coast of Death" in search of the Spanish delicacy.

Clams by the Dozen

After helping the mariscadoras (female clam diggers) of Galicia gather all they can before the tides come in, Annie helps them prepare a simple meal of steamed clams in white wine sauce.

Fresh Catch

If you don't love seafood, you're simply not Spanish. Boiled pulpo, or octopus, is the go-to dish for celebrations in northern Spain. Annie enjoys a Galician-style octopus party on the beach with Carmen, a local cook.

Octopus 101

How do you cook these guys? At the beach party in Galicia, Annie watches as the octopus is cooked in a huge copper cauldron over a blazing fire.

Tapas on the Beach

Once cooked, the octopus is sliced and drizzled with olive oil, then sprinkled with sea salt and pimenton, Spanish paprika. Delicioso.

Getting Ready for Gazpacho

Gazpacho is southern Spain's most famous dish. In Seville, Annie gathers ingredients to whip up a traditional version made with green peppers, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes.

Satiating the Sweet Tooth

At Seville's famous pastry shop, Confiteria la Campana, Annie heads back into the kitchen to see how to prepare a classic dessert of southern Spain: Tocino de Cielo — caramel custard infused with the local Sevillian orange.

A Seat Out Back

The rococo-designed pastry shop with white walls and gold decorations is a must-see when in Seville. Annie takes a moment to relax on the patio of the cafe.

Where The Sherry Flows Like Water

Jerez is the Spanish word for sherry and also the town of its origin. At the Emilio Lustau sherry winery in Jerez in the south of Spain, Annie learns about the centuries-old solera cask blending system that produces sherry.

Drinking Sherry Like a Pro

In southern Spain, sherry is the "go-to" wine in every tapas bar and restaurant. Alejandro, a venenciador, demonstrates how to pour and taste sherry with Annie and Jane Ward, a sherry expert at the Lustau winery.

Spanish Signature

There's no dish more symbolic of Spain than paella, the saffron-flavored rice dish made with meat or seafood. Annie digs into this authentic version from Valencia.

Sunset in Sanlucar

After a full day enjoying the sights, sounds and flavors of southern Spain, Annie walks along Sanlucar's famous Bajo de Guia beach, watching the sun sink into the Atlantic as fishing boats head down the estuary to work the night shift.

A Toast to You, España

Flamenco, bullfighting, beautiful beaches and sangria? Welcome to the south of Spain!