Dave Lieberman is a man with a mission: to teach people how to live, eat and entertain like a king or queen, even with the pay of a pauper. In Good Deal with Dave Lieberman, Dave keeps things quick, easy and inexpensive, giving viewers practical tips on keeping quality up and costs down. Whether preparing a buffet dinner for an ever-expanding party guest list, helping a lovestruck best friend pull together a romantic dinner or throwing an indoor BBQ party for the space- and budget-challenged, Dave deals fabulous food that won't break the clock or bank.

Most Popular Recipes

Mini Moroccan Lamb Burgers on Brioche Rounds with Lemon Yogurt Sauce

Puff Pastry Apple and Raisin Strudel

German Fruit Pancake with Mixed Berry Syrup-St. Louis

Halibut Kabobs with Zucchini and Grape Tomatoes

Roasted Salmon served with Roasted Plum Tomatoes and Caramelized Lemon Slices

Mushroom and Cheddar Fritatta and Arugula Side Salad

Fried Potatoes with Coriander Cayenne Mayonnaise

Ginger Cranberry Cocktail (Frozen Vodka or Gin)

Dad's Roast Chicken -- My Way with a Parsley Lemon Juice Oil

Sticky Chocolate Cake

Foolproof Open-Faced Goat Cheese, Chopped Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomato Omelet

Shaved Fennel and Green Apple Salad with Orange Dressing and Ricotta Salata

Holiday Cookies: One Dough, Three Holiday Cookies

Winey Figs, Prosciutto and Ricotta Crostini

Apple Cake

Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Dip with Chives and Thyme

Sauteed Onion Kasha and Bowties

Philly Cheesesteaks with Melted Fontina and Sauteed Red Onions

Tuna Caper Crostini

Lowfat Green Tea, Honey and Nutmeg Smoothies

Red Wine Pot Roast with Honey and Thyme

Spicy Cornbread Muffins

Asian Style Slaw

Sweet Crepes

Sourdough Bread Stuffing

Spinach Salad with Sweet Roasted Pecans and Gorgonzola with Sherry Shallot Vinaigrette

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