Make your life easier and more fun with Cooking Channel’s new web original series Good to Know. Hosts Dan Pashman and Laurie March offer up how-to’s, DIYs and hacks to simplify and inspire your time spent in the kitchen and around the house. Whether you’re firing up the grill, entertaining for the holidays or spring-cleaning your kitchen, we’ve got solutions that you’ll find good to know.
Make Ice Cream With No Machine
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Last-Minute Party Food 12 Videos

Six friends show up for an impromptu party and you've prepared nothing. Now what?


Create the Ultimate Quick Party Meal

Olive Oil Hacks 12 Videos

Watch how olive oil can do so much more than just make food taste wonderful.


7 Unexpected Uses for Olive Oil


Calling All Eaters

Read this book and every bite you take will be better.

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Laurie March and Dan Pashman

Get to know the hosts of Cooking Channel's new Web-original series Good to Know, Laurie March and Dan Pashman.