Good to Know Recipes

On Good to Know, Dan Pashman and Laurie March share easy DIY hacks to make cooking easier and better.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Line up the little ones for a fun baking project that puts each kid in charge of her own station. One tot can scoop out the dough while another personalizes the treats using add-ins like potato chips and pretzels.

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Cheddar Cheese Gougeres with Bacon

A block of cheddar can go a long way. In an annual Good to Know tradition, Laurie challenges Dan to create five appetizers with just one ingredient. He kicks things off with these bacon-studded snacks — the savory, cheesy cousins of French cream puffs.

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Creamy Cheddar Polenta with Fresh Herbs

Use a cup of sharp white cheddar to amp up this velvety polenta.

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IPA Cheddar Spread

Take this crowd-pleasing appetizer up a boozy notch by adding beer and crumbled bacon. Toasted pecans lend crunch, while jalapenos and cayenne give the spread a kick.

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Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

Ready in 20 minutes, these mini sandwiches are the perfect last-minute appetizer. Blend together cheddar, jarred pimentos and mayo, then layer the creamy concoction on whole-wheat bread with tomatoes and lettuce.

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Mac and Cheese Pops

Transform the Southern side into a portable appetizer by rolling balls of cheese-covered pasta in panko breadcrumbs, then frying them until golden brown. Dan pairs the lollies with a spicy mayo dipping sauce.

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Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

Laurie and Dan give this kiddie favorite a healthy makeover by subbing in nonfat Greek yogurt and part-skim mozzarella. Butternut squash keeps the dish creamy and also packs it full of vitamin A and carotenes.

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Baked French Fries

Crisping french fries in the oven uses far less oil — just three tablespoons — than frying.

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Baked Pretzel Chicken Nuggets

Dan adds extra crunch to baked chicken nuggets by coating them in a breadcrumb and pretzel mix. A buttermilk marinade keeps the meat soft and tender, while the secret ingredient of dill pickle juice imparts a light tang.

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Homemade Dipping Sauces

The trick to healthier sauces? Lower the calorie count by swapping mayo with calcium-packed Greek yogurt and replace sugar with honey.

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dipping Sauce

Honey BBQ Dipping Sauce

Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

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Bagel Bread Salad

Breathe new life into day-old bagels by adding them to a salad. The toasted cubes not only lend crunch, but they also soak up excess dressing.

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Leftover Chinese Food Arancini

The Good to Know crew gets creative with extra Chinese takeout, crafting arancini — Sicilian rice balls — from leftover grains and stir-fry. Building on the mash-up theme, Dan mixes soy sauce and balsamic vinegar to form a border-crossing dip.

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Fried Chicken Salad Sliders

Revive last night's fried chicken dinner in only 10 minutes. Mix shredded meat with relish, lettuce and mayo to form a filling for these cute mini burgers.

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Leftover Pizza Rolls

This recipe finishes off two types of leftovers at once. A thin layer of mozzarella holds together the tidy, hand-held package, made from extra Chinese food and pizza.

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Instead of hauling a variety of condiments to your tailgating bash, stick with one delectable sandwich filler, like this easy-to-make salad, featuring dill pickles, pepperoncini and tomatoes.

Get the Recipe: T.O.P.P. (Tomato, Onion, Pepperoncini and Pickle Salad)

Long Haul Bloody Mary

This Bloody Mary recipe swaps vodka for beer so guests can enjoy some drinks before the big game and still stay alert for kickoff.

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Cheesecake Bites

Dan forms this no-bake dessert in one of his favorite kitchen tools: an ice cube tray. The rectangular compartments are the perfect molds for these bite-size confections — nuggets of Greek yogurt cheesecake enrobed in chocolate.

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Breadless Pepper Pizza

For a whimsical twist on stuffed peppers, fill the vegetables with your favorite pizza toppings, like marinara sauce, shredded mozzarella and mushrooms.

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Grilled Citrus Margarita

Using sugar-dipped fruit that’s charred on the grill infuses this cookout cocktail with a smoky aroma.

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Shot Glass Apps: Gazpacho

Serving appetizers in shot glasses is pretty and practical — the spread is easy to set up and guests can walk around effortlessly with the individual portions. Keep everyone cool with this quintessential summer soup, a chilled tomato sipper spiked with onions and green bell peppers.

Get the Recipe: Shot Glass Apps: Gazpacho

Shot Glass Apps: Hummus and Veggies

Abandon the supersize tubs of hummus for glasses of this fresh, homemade dip. It takes only 10 minutes to make — and prevents double-dipping!

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Shot Glass Apps: Mint Chocolate Pudding

Save room for this petite dessert, a luscious chocolate pudding topped with fresh mint.

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Shot Glass Apps: Ranch Sauce

This buttermilk-based sauce is a refreshing way to dress up vegetables.

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Shot Glass Apps: Wienies and Mustard

No barbecue would be complete without hot dogs. This appetizer — featuring the classic combo of wieners and mustard — will be a sure-fire hit.

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Sweet and Sour Smoked Chicken Sausage and Apricot Skewers

Inspired by the quintessential Chinese takeout dish, Dan tops his chicken kebabs with a sweet and sour glaze.

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The Original Grilled Cheese

Dan combines three types of fromage — Asiago, Gouda and Swiss — to form the cheesy filling for this childhood classic, charred on the grill to a gooey, crunchy bliss.

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