Season 1, Episode 6

The Massive Lunch Box

In this episode Heston celebrates the packed lunch by creating a larger than life experience for a group of adults bored with the drudgery of their monotonous lunchtimes. The packed lunch once had real excitement about what you'd find in your lunchbox. But, nowadays the packed lunch has become a penny pinching necessity and 70% adults now take one to work. What's more depressing is that it's often the same, boring thing and the limp cheese sandwich has turned our lunchtimes from magic to misery. By filling an entire theme park with nostalgic packed lunch favorites and inviting his disillusioned lunchers on a surprise school trip Heston hopes to brings back the magic and excitement to their lunchtimes on an epic scale. Armed with vats of molten chocolate Heston lives out a childhood dream of creating the world's biggest Kit Kat. Packed with a staggering combination of mouth-watering flavors and weighing in at a hefty 320 pounds his creation requires a tool box to eat it. But that's only if he can transport and turn it out of the mold in time for the big reveal.
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