The World's Most-Unique Religion-Based Theme Restaurants

Most theme restaurants are based on tiki bars and guys dressed in gorilla suits, but some use religion as a source of inspiration. Here are eight theme restaurants from around the world that could kick your faith, and hunger, into high gear.

Christon Cafe — Tokyo

Want to dine on pan-Asian/European fusion cuisine while surrounded by Christian iconography? This is the place for you. Oddly, it's not a big hangout for Japan's Christian population but is one for the country's goth population.

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Ristorante delle Mitre — Manila, Philippines

This eatery has major Catholic cred. Not only is it located in front of a church but it's also run by an actual nun. The menu was even derived by asking each of the church's priests what his favorite meal was.

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Eternity Restaurant — Truskavets, Ukraine

While not celebrating a specific religion, Eternity celebrates death itself. Each table comes equipped its own coffin, and all of the menu items are named after mourning rituals. Oh yeah, it's also actually inside of a giant coffin as well. Happy times!

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New Lucky — Ahmedabad, India

This popular eatery is actually built right on top of an ancient Muslim cemetery, and the waitstaff regularly have to dodge in between graves in order to deliver food. Although the same owner has run the place for more than 40 years, nobody knows who is buried beneath the restaurant.

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Cook Out — Locations Throughout America's South

This American chain restaurant offers up backyard-style burgers with a little twist of religion. Each menu item comes packaged with a reference to a psalm or phrase from the Bible. They also have really good milk shakes, but that’s neither here nor there.

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Pid Zolotoyu Rozoyu — Lviv, Ukraine

This Jewish-themed restaurant translates to "At the Golden Rose," since it sits next to the site of the similarly named synagogue that was destroyed by Nazis during World War II. Diners get hats with peyos attached, matzo is served as an appetizer and, oh yeah, prices can be haggled over. That last part has proven to be controversial.

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Lala's — Austin

Christmas in July? How about Christmas all year round? That's what this Austin burger bar has to offer. Lala's is filled with Christmas lights, a decorated tree and even the occasional elf. They also pump the AC to make it feel more like the season.

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Buddha Bar — Various Locations Worldwide

This Buddhism-themed restaurant chain has franchise locations all over the world, from Paris to Mexico City. The dining area typically features a giant statue of Buddha, and Buddhist iconography adorns the walls.

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