By bike, boat, car and surfboard, Ben Sargent embarks on the ultimate coastal road trip in his prime-time Cooking Channel series, Hook, Line & Dinner. From Florida and Louisiana to California and Oregon, Ben uncovers the country's best seafood joints and regional specialties while taking viewers on the awesome journey from sea to table. Crab shacks, lobster pounds and chowder houses: To Ben, they're more than just places to get a hot meal; they're hangouts for eccentrics, where locals swap stories and fishermen share tales from the sea. In each episode, Ben visits a new coastal locale where he teams up with the expert locals to secure the catch of the day, and then he follows that catch straight to the best seaside kitchens.
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Sea Urchins

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Learn the Secrets to Ben's Bike

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The Hook, Line & Dinner Ride

Ben has put 5,000 miles on his 1973 BMW R60/5 motorcycle over the course of filming the show.

The Key to the Sea

That's right — the key to Ben's bike is a claw. In fact, it's a real one. The key is a cast of a stone crab claw.

Stone Crab Claw Key

No one will mistake Ben's set of keys for their own.

Pieces of Flair

Ben's helmet has stickers on it from all of the states he has traveled to while filming.

Along for the Ride

Two silver octopuses adorn his saddle bags; they were created by a friend of his.

All Tied Up

Ben has an old sailing rope tied around the handlebars and his seat handle. The rope on the front is decorative, but the rope on his seat handle keeps his backpack from slipping around.

Ready for Anything

Ben carries essential tools and spark plugs, along with extra bulbs and patch kits, so he's prepared for any bumps he might come across on the road.

Anchors Away

Ben replaced the BMW emblems on his bike with gold anchors that were custom-made by a friend. The anchor was part of the get-up of Ben's lobster-roll-slinging alter ego, Dr. Klaw.

Change Up

He's on his second pair of tires — all the driving for HLD wore out his first pair.

Bedazzle Much?

Ben uses Velcro to attach his bedazzled phone to the gas tank in front of him while he's driving. That way he can listen to music while he drives and use it as a backup GPS if needed.

All Charged Up

Ben travels with a solar and plug-in charger because old BMWs are known to not fully charge their batteries.

Vintage, Baby

Ben's bike has its original motor, but a lot of work has been done to restore it.

Rods and Reels at the Ready

Ben constructed a four-rod holder out of PVC pipe for his bike so he could keep his rods and reels near him. He has both freshwater and saltwater setups.

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About the Host

Ben Sargent

Ben Sargent is a chef, restaurateur, seafood lover and artist. As host of Hook, Line & Dinner, he takes viewers on a coastal road trip to uncover secrets and stories of expert fishermen.