Hook, Line and Dinner: Season 1

From Florida and Louisiana to California and Oregon, Ben Sargent uncovers the country's best seafood joints and regional specialties, and he follows the awesome journey from sea to table.

Ben Sargent Hits the Road

Ben Sargent is back for a full season of Hook, Line & Dinner. He's hitting the road in search of the country's best seafood joints and regional specialties. Join him as he tracks the journey from sea to table.

Reeling in the Catch

Ben reels in his catch of the coast of Santa Barbara, a starry rockfish. When it comes to seafood, the very best is that which is caught locally.

Diving for Sea Urchins

Ben works up an appetite diving for sea urchins in San Diego.

Hunting for Oysters

Ben hunts for oysters to cook up at Bowens Island Restaurant in Charleston, S.C., a local marsh-side oyster house.

Shucking Oysters

Ben lends a hand and helps shuck oysters while in New Orleans.

Dining on Frog Legs

While in Everglade City, FL., Ben gets schooled in the proper way to eat frog legs.

Stone Crab Legs

No visit to the Everglades is complete without sampling the sweet and flaky white meat of stone crab, a local delicacy.

Lobster Harvest

Working alongside ‘Team Garcia’ -- a fishing family originally from Cuba -- Ben helps to harvest the annual catch, the spiny lobster.

Sampling Shrimp

Ben eating shrimp with Leah Chase at Dooky Chase's Restaurant.

Surprise Catch

While fishing for shrimp, Ben and fisherman Matt O'Brien come across a sheepshead fish instead.

Blackened Red Fish for Mardi Gras

Ben gets some tips for hooking red fish from fisherman Jacques (Jakamo) Laboureur. The catch gets turned into blackened red fish at a Mardi Gras parade later in the day.

Seafood Pasta

Ben, chef Mimo and Owner Antonio D'amato sample the pasta in the kitchen at Baci restaurant in San Diego.

Chef as Fisherman

Ben and locavore chef Eric Bechard fish for lingcod in the Columbia River in Oregon. They'll pan-sear their catch later in the day at Bechard's restaurant Thistle in McMinnville, OR.

Sturgeon Fishing

Ben shows off the length of a previous catch while navigating the Columbia River with the Yakama Nation during their annual sturgeon catch.

De-Shelling Crawfish

Ben travels to Bayou country to learn everything there is about crawfish and spends some time de-shelling the day's catch with the crew at Phillips Seafood.

Raking for Steamers

Ben Sargent joins David Alexander to rake for steamers in San Francisco.

Fishing for Halibut

Ben and fisherman Craig Lewis take a look at the day's catch of halibut.

Crab-Stuffed Peppers

Ben and Chef Peter Kornack show off a pan of finished crab-stuffed peppers at T.W. Graham and Co. Seafood Restaurant in McClellanville, S.C.