Hook, Line & Dinner: New England Coast

Ben Sargent, of lobster roll infamy, travels from Brooklyn to Maine and investigates local fishing catches in Hook, Line & Dinner.

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Ben Sargent, Man at Sea

Fisherman and shellfish insider Ben Sargent takes us on a seafood tour from Brooklyn to Maine, stopping for the freshest catches and tastiest dishes.

Getting Ready to Coast

Ben loads up his bike for the ultimate seafood lover's road trip: seeking out the ports and fisheries of the East Coast and all the salty personalities along the way.

Heading Out to Sea

Ben joins the crew of Sea Wolf, a fishing boat off of Wellfleet, Mass., to pull in a haul of bluefish.

Suited Up

Catching and handling fresh fish requires guts and sharp instincts. Ben doesn't waste any time getting changed into the proper attire.

Fresh Catch!

These fresh bluefish are destined for Mac's Fish Market and Mac's Shack, a hybrid market and restaurant owned by two brothers.

Lunch Is Served

Cracker-Crusted Bluefish With Mashed Potatoes and Truffled Spinach — today's mouthwatering special at Mac's Shack in Wellfleet, Mass.

Get Digging

"Clam Alley" in Essex, Mass., is the best place around those parts for clam digging. Keith Woodman, third-generation owner of Woodman's of Essex, shows Ben the ropes.

Working The Flats

It takes a lot of digging to find the best clams!

Highway To Shell

Next stop: lobstering. But there's always time to pull over for lunch. It's a great spot, but we advise skipping the Lobster Pound Restaurant’s roast turkey steaks.

Pot Heads, Unite!

Ben takes a first look at the lobsters from the waters of Sorrento, Maine. The crew on this 28-foot lobster boat uses cage traps, but many prefer nets and even classic lobster pots.

Expert Opinion

Lobster expert Wade Sargent (of no relation to Ben) inspects the first catch for specimen size and sex, and offers all sorts of tips for choosing the right lobster.

Shore ‘Nuff

After taking in a full day's catch, the husband and wife team behind Ruth and Wimpy's in Sorrento, Maine, cooks up fresh lobster 16 different ways with Ben.

The Maine Attraction

Home is where the heart is — or in this case, the lobster. Camden, Maine, is where Ben grew up, and where most of his family still lives. There's no place like home!

Sargent Family Clambake

Ben and his extended family throw a traditional New England clambake, cooking up their own fresh corn and freshly caught seafood.

Fire It Up!

Ben readies large lobster pots – essential for traditional, wood burning clambakes. The feast is now in the works.

A Watched Pot

Steam rises from the fresh lobster nestled deep in the pot, replete with briny seaweed. The fiery red shell signals the meal is ready.

The Shore Score

There are few greater pleasures to a full day's work or the end of a long trip than a satisfying meal with family. Ben's story is uniquely his own, but family and food are universal.