Bobby Deen VS. Nikki Dinki Junk Food Flip Face-Off


Bobby and Nikki's challenge is to create healthier versions of the country's most-decadent restaurant dishes. But first, their versions of each dish go head-to-head in a public taste-off. Which of their remakes do you think should challenge the chefs' originals?


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Bruxie's Founder's Favorite

You've never seen chicken and waffles like this before. This sandwich from Bruxie's in Brea, Calif., has fried chicken, Gruyère cheese, prosciutto, arugula, hollandaise sauce and an over-easy egg — all between two Belgian waffles.

Calories: 1,280

Bobby's Fried Chicken Dutch Baby

The base of Bobby's open-faced sandwich is a sharp-cheddar Dutch baby, which is a thin German popover. On top, there is pan-fried spicy chicken, sweet potato hash, a cute little quail egg, and a drizzle of gravy and maple syrup.

Calories: 600

Get the Recipe: Bobby's Fried Chicken Dutch Baby

Nikki's Healthy Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffle Club Sandwich

Nikki dared to go triple-decker with her sweet potato waffle club sandwich. Her pretzel-crusted chicken is oven-fried to save on calories and fat, and the whole thing is completed with raspberry-tomatillo jam, spinach, Gruyère cheese and runny-yolk eggs.

Calories: 760

Get the Recipe: Nikki's Healthy Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffle Club Sandwich

Fry Fry's Cro-Do Burger

If you thought a croissant-doughnut hybrid was crazy, just wait till you see what happens when it's double-fried in pancake batter, cut in half and used as a burger bun! This is definitely not the way to get a beach body, but it's a fan-favorite dish at the Fry Fry truck in Long Beach, Calif.

Calories: 1,650

Nikki's Healthy Cinnamon Roll Turkey Burger

Nikki dares to bake a can of cinnamon rolls and then throw 'em on the griddle, French-toast style, for a sweet and sticky bun. She slims down her assembled burger by making a fennel-and-sage-spiced turkey patty and bulking up hash brown potatoes with parsnips.

Calories: 800

Get the Recipe: Nikki's Healthy Cinnamon Roll Turkey Burger

Bobby's French Toast Burger

The extra-crunchy crust on Bobby's French toast comes from a mix of crumbled bacon and potato chips. Inside, the burger is flavored strongly with onion, garlic and soy sauce, and then topped with melted Jack cheese, turkey bacon, a runny egg and fried — yes, you read that right — onion rings.

Calories: 680

Get the Recipe: Bobby's French Toast Burger

Carnitas' Snack Shack's Quadruple Bypass

The Quadruple Bypass could easily send you to the hospital from just looking at it. Carnitas' Shake Shack in San Diego puts together four kinds of pork — pulled pork, fried schnitzel, bacon and pork belly— on a buttered brioche bun with a heaping swipe of aioli for a delicious yet heart-stopping dish.

Calories: 1,430

Bobby's Chicken Carnitas

To get the meat-on-meat effect, Bobby tops braised, citrusy chicken carnitas with oven-fried juicy chicken thighs breaded in crunchy cornflakes and crispy bacon. Two sauces bring on the flavor: fresh cilantro-avocado yogurt aioli and barbecue mustard. 

Calories: 550

Get the Recipe: Bobby's Chicken Carnitas

Nikki's Pork Sandwich

Nikki packs in a lot of meat for not that many calories with her barbecue pulled pork sandwich. Smoky, chipotle-infused shredded pork, chicken andouille sausage and Canadian bacon are topped with crispy fried cauliflower and a spicy jalapeno-jicama-mango slaw for lots of crunchy texture.

Calories: 490

Get the Recipe: Nikki's Pork Sandwich

Burntzilla's Burnt Spaghetti Slider

Ogle the fried pasta slider from BurntZilla in Irvine, Calif. — aka spaghetti tossed in spicy Bolognese sauce, cut it into squares, fried and then topped with tons of mozzarella cheese on a sweet Hawaiian roll. One slider clocks in at 500 calories, but it's served as a trio — aka 1,500 calories per order!

Calories: 500

Nikki's Healthy Spaghetti Squash and Veggie Bolognese Open-Faced Sandwiches

Nikki makes a hearty vegetable Bolognese sauce packed with earthy mushrooms and hearty turnips, then pours it on top of pan-fried spaghetti and spaghetti squash patties. But why stop there? To finish, all of it is piled on top of butter-free garlic-cheese bread.

Calories: 485

Get the Recipe: Nikki's Healthy Spaghetti Squash and Veggie Bolognese Open-Faced Sandwiches

Bobby's Spaghetti Sliders

Bobby's Bolognese is also meatless, and it gets tangy, briny flavor from Kalamata olives and balsamic vinegar. His pasta portion is a patty of whole-wheat spaghetti, portobello mushrooms and olives topped with melted Swiss cheese, which is slid into scooped-out garlic slider rolls.

Calories: 250

Get the Recipe: Bobby's Spaghetti Sliders

Lucha Libre's Champion's Chicharrones Nachos

San Diego restaurant Lucha Libre's loaded chicharrones are nacho average dish. Clocking in at a whopping 155 g of fat, the pork rinds — topped with chorizo-fat-fried shrimp, cheese and guacamole — are not for the faint of heart.

Calories: 2,290

Nikki's Nachos

Nikki uses garlicky-lime tortilla chips as her base, then loads 'em up with fresh cilantro-spiced shrimp ceviche, a chile-packed chorizo and black bean mixture, and a creamy cheese sauce bulked up with kabocha squash. It's all topped with a light garlic-and-chile creme that ties the dish together.

Calories: 420

Get the Recipe: Nikki's Nachos

Bobby's Not-cho Regular Pita

Bobby toasts whole-wheat tortillas into chips, then brings on the spice. His spicy turkey con queso topping gets creaminess from three types of cheese and coconut milk, but he doesn't stop there. Grilled lime shrimp, avocado, pico de gallo and lots of jalapenos are piled high.

Calories: 800

Get the Recipe: Bobby's Not-cho Regular Pita

Gas Full Service Restaurant's Jalapeno Popper Burger

St. Augustine, Fla.'s legendary burger includes two patties that are stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar cheese and jalapeno, and then panko-breaded and deep-fried.

Calories: 1,590

Should Bobby or Nikki's version go against the Jalapeno Popper Burger?

The Jalapeno Popper Flip

A1A Burrito Works' UFO

If a taco, a burrito and a tostada had a baby, this Unidentified Food Object from A1A Burrito Works in St. Augustine would be it. It's stuffed with beef, chicken and pork, a tostada, rice, beans, cheese, salsa, sour cream and more cheese.

Calories: 1,451

Which of these lighter remakes has a chance of taking down the UFO?

The Unidentified Flipping Object

Southern Soul Barbecue's Drunken Cubano

On St. Simons Island in Georgia, you can get yourself a classic Cuban sandwich made with slow-smoked pulled pork butt, pickles, mustard and buttered grilled bread, all inside a bowl of beer-cheese soup.

Calories: 1,004

Both hosts have flipped Southern Soul Barbecue's Cubano, but only one will get to challenge it.

The Drunken Cubano Flip

Perfectly Frank's French Toast Frankie

Summerville, S.C.'s Perfectly Frank's takes a hoagie roll and bathes it in eggy whole milk and brown-sugary French toast batter, and then tops it with sweet Italian sausage, fried bacon, a fried egg, powdered sugar and a lot of maple syrup.

Calories: 1,710

Both Bobby and Nikki's dogs taste great with less than half the calories of the French Toast Frankie, but only one will get to challenge the decadent original.

The French Toast Frankie Flip

Roadside Seafood's Southern Comfort

Roadside Seafood in Charleston, S.C., calls this mac 'n' cheese-BLT mash-up the Southern Comfort because it has two slices of buttery Texas toast, four slices of bacon, a creamy, cheesy lobster mac 'n' cheese and two fried green tomatoes.

Calories: 1,420

Creating a healthy version of the Southern Comfort took some serious flipping. Which version do you think has a chance to take it down?

The Southern Comfort Flip

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