How to Flip Your Ingredients to Make Comfort Food Better for You

Bobby Deen & Nikki Dinki are teaching chefs across the country to use ingredients in the most impactful ways to increase flavor and decrease calories. Here are some extra tips.

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Use mini chocolate chips instead of big ones so you can use less chocolate while still getting chocolate flavor in every bite.

Selbstgemachte Kräuterbutter

Top baked potatoes with a little bit of flavor-packed compound butter (we like garlic and herbs, or kimchi and brown sugar) so you get plenty of flavor without needing to use too much fat.

Add a fine grating of hard cheese (like Parmesan or Romano) to pasta as it's plated — leaving it uncooked keeps the flavor intense.

Toasting Walnuts.

Does the recipe call for nuts? Toast them in a hot skillet until fragrant — you'll triple the flavor of whatever amount you use.

Brush a thin coat of seasoned mayo over a thick slab of fish (like bluefish) before broiling. It turns into a perfect crust and adds a ton of richness but not too many calories.

Use smoky bacon fat alongside other assertive ingredients (like grainy mustard and cider vinegar) to make a warm dressing for spinach salad. It'll make the salad extra-delicious, and you won’t need a ton to get the point across.

Add a pinch of sugar to the brine mix when you're working with super-lean cuts of meat. It'll make the meat way more palatable, with a minimal caloric hit.

Indian Chicken Tikka Kebabs on Griddle

Add a splash of heavy cream to yogurt-based marinades (for example, for Indian-style chicken breasts) to add lots of richness to lean meat before grilling.

High-quality cocoa powder (usually available by mail) adds super-intense chocolatey flavor to homemade chocolate syrup, so you can get away with using less.

Glazing Lemon Cookies Horizontal

Use powdered sugar and lemon juice to make an easy glaze for baked goods so you won’t need frosting.

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