Judy Joo's South Korean Food Tour

The Korean-American chef gets in touch with her roots on Korean Food Made Simple.

On Korean Food Made Simple, Chef Judy Joo will embark on a culinary journey through South Korea's many foodie destinations, then head back into the kitchen to re-create her favorite bites using ingredients and inspiration from her travels.

Here she checks out ginseng at Gyeongdong, one of Seoul's biggest herbal markets, with fellow chef Lucia Cho.

At another bustling market, Gwangjang, Judy finds lots of interesting street food and fresh produce.

On a trip to Sunchang village, the chef learns how the locals produce gochujang, a spicy chile paste made from red chiles, glutinous rice powder and fermented soybeans.

In Boseong, the tea growing capital of South Korea, Judy picks leaves with plantation owner Sejin Kim.

She also spends time with family, including the people who inspired her love of Korean food: Mom and Dad.

Judy meets up with her cousin and cousin's two kids to make dosirak, bento-like lunchboxes usually filled with meat, vegetables, kimchi and rice.

Tune in to Korean Food Made Simple to follow Judy on her travels, and see how the chef simplifies Korean dishes like pork bossam and kimchi fried rice so you can easily make them at home.

Korean Food Made Simple