Luke Nguyen Cooks Across France

From the bustling city of Paris to the quiet artist huts of Ile d'Oléron, Luke learns to master the art of French cuisine.

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A Cause for Celebration

Luke and his family celebrate their getting together by swapping stories and recipes at the family's Parisian restaurant.

The Pensive Chef

In Paris, Luke takes a moment to review the recipe and ingredients for his cousin's Poisson Caramel.

The French Touch

Eric, Parisian chef and owner of the Royal Palais, walks Luke through his favorite recipes and French cooking techniques.

Before We Say "Bonne Nuit"

Luke prepares the French beef stew pot-au-feu before the setting sun in Paris.

Les Trois Chefs

Luke poses with gingerbread maker Mariella and chef Frank before they cook Asian-French fusion cuisine in Strasbourg.

Fromage in Franche-Comte

Tucked in the mountains of Franche-Comté, Luke prepares to make fondue with Comté cheese and white wine.

Into the Wild

Chef Pierre Basso-Moro helps Luke forage for seasonal herbs in the fields of Besançon.

As the Locals Do

Luke and Rachel Roussel-Voisard, a local chicken farmer, share a laugh before digging into their poached Bresse chicken dish.

More Than a Mural

In Lyon, Luke poses with a depiction of Paul Bocuse, a renowned chef who has greatly influenced modern French cuisine.

A Success Story

Luke and celebrity chef Grégory Cuilleron after crafting a simple Lyonnaise salad.

Gone Mobile

Luke cooks with chef Sebastian, who has partnered with artists in Marseille to create a mobile wok cart.

Fused Flavors

Georgina exposes Luke to her French and African-inspired cooking near a local Marseille fish market.

On the Waterfront

Luke finishes the day with an evening meal before the stone arches at Vallon des Auffes, a small fishing port in Marseille.

A Family Affair

Luke meets his uncle in a town outside Marseille, where he learns more about his uncles' emigration to France from Vietnam.

Allow Me, S'il Vous Plait 

Luke learns how to make a proper Salad Nicoise at Café Restaurant de La Bourse in Nice.


Crumbled by the Coast

Luke cooks a simple crumbled fish dish while overlooking the coast of Nice.

Any Way You Cut It

Luke learns of a new cut of pork neck from a Biarritz butcher.

Hot Stuff

Luke meets chef Dominique, who cooks with a famous red pepper of Biarritz.

The Artist At Work

Nestled near vibrant art studios, Luke uses his own color palette for a plate of langoustines.

Keeping It Cool

Luke and winemaker Sebastian cook in the wine cellar of a Loire Valley chateau.

The Loire Experience

Luke helps Captain Bruno trap for river eels while cruising in Bruno's handmade boat.

Learning Curve

Luke poses in Brittany, where he will learn the art of making crepes, fermented honey, and salads of seaweed and scallops.

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