Crazy Things Grandparents Have Forced Mo Rocca To Do

Mo Rocca will do anything for a great story and recipe from some grandparents.

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Photo By: Jonathan O'Sullivan ©Jonathan O'Sullivan

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Pump Iron

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Get Dolled Up

Remember the A La Mode

Challenge Them to 1-on-1 Basketball

Please Pass the Pig Stomach


Mung-Ry for Korean Food

Dance Wearing a Native Ojibwe Costume

Corn Star

Sew a Teddy Bear

Lower East Side Story

Be a Lunch Lady

Walking on Ayr

Hug a Tree

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Beat a Man Senseless

Host Mo Rocca hits the Mexican piñata as family and friends cheer him on during the at the backyard party, as seen on Cooking Channel’s My Grandmother’s Ravioli, Season 3.

Mo's Triple Quinceañero

Beat Some Meat

Brotherly Love and Spicy Crabs

Sing a Korean Children's Song About a Rabbit

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Makeout with a Dog

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Wield a Hammer

Bill and Mo's OK Episode

Wield an Axe

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Figure Skate

If You Cook It, They Will Come


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Work the Cricks

The LeBron Grandmothers' Fan Club

Fall in Love

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My Grandmother's Ravioli

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