Season 3, Episode 4

Mung-Ry for Korean Food

If you have trouble remembering Ki Sook Yoo's name, this 72-year-old grandmother from Laguna Woods, Calif., suggests you think of the words "Kiss You!" Ki Sook's life story of survival is beyond inspiring, but also is her ability to prepare delicious Korean specialties. Ki Sook shows Mo how to make kimchi, a staple in Korean cuisine and one of the ingredients in Ki Sook's mung bean pancakes. The main course is classic Seoul food, galbi, traditional marinated grilled beef.
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Recipes From This Episode

Ki-Sook Yoo's Mung Bean Pancakes (Bindaetteok)

Ki-Sook Yoo's Kimchi

Ki-Sook Yoo's Korean BBQ Short Ribs (Galbi)

Ki-Sook Yoo's Dumplings with Sesame Dipping Sauce (Mandu)

Mo's Triple Quinceañero
A Home Run in the Kitchen

So Much Pretty Food Here