Season 2, Episode 12

Sherryl Betesh - The Real Sephardic Grandmothers of New Jersey

Mo Rocca meets Sherryl, 52, a very young grandmother and her mother, Claire, whose family came from Syria before coming to the US. Mo, Sherryl and her family make a dish with stuffed eggplant skins and chicken. They also make stuffed meatballs called kibbeh with cherry sauce, and various appetizers. The big question -- will Mo give his blessing to the new man in Sherryl's life?
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Recipes From This Episode

Sherryl Betesh's Meat Sambousak (Meat-Filled Sesame Pastries)

Sherryl Betesh's S'fiha (Stuffed Baby Eggplants with Ground Meat)

Sherryl Betesh's Kibbe Nabelsieh (Meat Filled Bulgur Shells)

Sherryl Betesh's Laham B'Ajeen (Minced Meat Pies)

Sherryl Betesh's Kibbe Garaz (Sweet Cherry Stewed Meatballs)

Pete O'Connell & Louie Larson - Finger Lakes Fandango
Kathy and George Boulukos - Greek to Me


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