Season 2, Episode 3

Back-of-the-Fridge Bachelor Fest

Let's face it, sometimes what lurks in the back of our fridge ain't all that inspiring. But with a few herbs and some old-school know-how, Nadia G conquers the challenge of the bachelor fridge. Nothing but some eggs, cheese and a coupla potatoes? G shows us how to make her aunt's scrumptious "Sartu di Patate" potato cake. Watch as she turns a measly can of beans, macaroni and some stock into a Paste' Fazul that'll have you singing. For dessert: Sweet Arancini inspired by rice pudding, and leftover rice from last night's takeout. G shares Nadvice and fun anecdotes about living the bachelor/ette lifestyle, Panos informs us about real Italian sausages and The Spice Agent yaps about Rosemary.
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