Nadia G.'s Bitchin' Cast of Characters

Get to know Nadia G and the colorful cast of characters behind Bitchin' Kitchen and Bite This.

Photo By: Stephane Desjardins

Photo By: Stephane Desjardins

Photo By: Stephane Desjardins

Photo By: Stephane Desjardins

Get to Know the Crew

Since its debut on Cooking Channel, Bitchin' Kitchen has caused quite a stir. Not your everyday cooking show, Nadia G rocks the kitchen with her tasty techniques and stiletto-sharp wit. From Break-up Brunches to Rehab Recipes, Bitchin' Kitchen's there for you during your greatest moments of need. Get to know Nadia and her motley crew of correspondents.

Queen of Kitsch and Kitchen

Leading the ring is Nadia G, bad-girl chef and dangerously darling diva. Nadia can cook up a 3-course meal in 3-inch cherry stilettos. Hailed as the "Julia Child of the Net generation," she is the creator and host of this stylishly comedic cooking show.

Home School of Hard Knocks

Trained at the culinary institute of Hard Wooden Spoon Whacks, Nadia grew up in a boisterous Italian family that never quite gave up the belief that Casalinga-style cuisine is the center of the universe. You don't have to look far from home to taste some of the best food the world has to offer, she says. "I'd pit my grandmother against a 3-star Michelin chef any day."

Montreal, with a Side of Italy

That bitchin' accent, where's it come from, eh? Nadia G's parents immigrated from Italy to Montreal, Quebec, where she was born and raised. Surrounded by Italian, English and Quebequois French while growing up led her in a number of different linguistic directions, and helped shape a truly one-of-a-kind accent.

Only the Finest Tastes

Nadia G's passion for food and cooking come from growing up in a boisterous Italian family, replete with cooks and caterers. Forgive her if she demands a bit of truffled risotto, but know that she's unlikely to apologize for her bitchin' taste.

Songs and Six Packs

When she’s not rockin' the kitchen with mascara and bowls of mac 'n' cheese, Nadia enjoys writing comedy songs and working on her rock solid abs.


Panos is Bitchin' Kitchen's Greek fish monger. His family has been in the fish business for generations: His father was a fish guy, his grandmother was a fish guy, even his great grandfather was... oh nevermind, he was just an a**hole. The point is, when it comes to expertly knowing ocean critters (and how to get that "wet-look" with hair gel), Panos is the master of disaster, bro.


Hans is Bitchin' Kitchen's Scantily Clad Food Corresponedent. He may be greased-up and chiseled, but don't let his magical sheen fool you into thinking he's mere eye-candy. Not only is Hans a bona-fide foodie, but he's also the respected inventor of a patented workout system that targets three major muscle groups through five sets of fifteen reps. He calls it: "Three Major Muscle Groups Targeted by Five Sets of Fifteen Reps." Yea.

The Spice Agent

Meet Yeres... Yirisk... ah f@ck it... The Spice Agent is Bitchin' Kitchen's dark and mildy mysterious spice specialist. He hails from Raanana, where the world's best spices are grown. To get there: exit ben Gurion, pass Kfar Saba, turn right, turn left, you can't miss it.

Happinness = Bacon

Bacon = Happiness

For Ever and Always

Nadia G and hamburgers; it was love at first bite.

Rock 'N' Roller

Scared of rocking out? Not 'er. Not Neva.

Canned Believe It

Look, some dishes just, you know, need a little extra somethin' somethin'. Capiche?

The S'More the Merrier

Ok, so maybe don't try this at home, or in any library for that matter.

Midnight Snackin'

"Crumbled chips in rose sauce? Been there, barfed that."

When You're Feeling Blue

Don't feel blue? Or down some sweets like Nadia G, that always shows 'em.

Mixing things up

Who said there's anything wrong with getting a little whisky from time to time?

Rock Your Kitchen

Don't need to be a Michelin chef to make a Bitchin' meal, but it wouldn't hurt, would it? Bahh, Nadia G showed 'em. So should you.

Piggin' Out

She's got the kitchen on a short leash, and she ain't about to let go any time soon.

Get the Party Started

Whateva you do, don't miss Bitchin' Kitchen.

Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen