The essence of Italian food, like Nigella's style of cooking, is simplicity and informality. In her new series, Nigellissima, she shows how easy it is to bring the spirit of Italy into the kitchen and onto the plate using ingredients available in any supermarket.

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Iced Berries with Limoncello White Chocolate Sauce


Baby Eggplants with Oregano and Red Onions

One-Step No-Churn Coffee Ice Cream

Shortcut Sausage Meatballs

Sicilian Pasta with Tomatoes, Garlic and Almonds

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Sardinian Couscous with Clams

Italian Roast Chicken with Peppers and Olives


Ruby-Red Plum and Amaretti Crumble

About the Host

Nigella Lawson

Nigella is a British bestselling author of several books and the host of Nigella Kitchen.