Bobby Deen's Best Dessert Recipes

Satisfy your sweet tooth without packing on the pounds with Bobby's lightened-up pies, cupcakes and more.

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Bobby's Lighter Frozen Chocolate Mousse Pie

This chocolate mousse pie is light — and not just in fat. Made with meringue powder instead of higher-calorie egg whites, the whipped filling is delightfully airy, yet still indulgently rich in cocoa flavor.

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Maple Berry Parfait

Sweet summer berries — lightly tossed in maple syrup and layered with ricotta cheese — are the stars of this cool, simple treat.

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Gooey (with Less) Butter Cake

Bobby trims down his mom’s beloved dessert by subbing in reduced-fat buttermilk and Neufchatel cheese –– a French fromage with fewer calories but the same tangy taste as cream cheese.

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Bobby's Five-Layer Bark

End the meal on a sweet note with this over-the-top bark. Bobby deepens the chocolate base with an infusion of butterscotch and also layers on coconut flakes, graham-cracker crumbs and pecans for extra crunch and nuttiness.

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Bobby's Red Velvet Cupcakes

To give this Southern dessert its stunning crimson hue without any artificial food coloring, Bobby adds pureed roasted beets, which also lend the batter a natural sweetness. A dollop of tangy cream cheese frosting and chopped pecans complete the hand-held treat.

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Coconut Tiramisu

With alternating tiers of ladyfingers and a chocolate- and rum-infused cream, Bobby’s rendition of the trifle-like Italian dessert is luscious and rich, even without butter and eggs.

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Double Chocolate-Walnut Meringue Cookies

These feather-light cookies — boasting a crisp shell and slightly fudgy interior — are addictive on their own and even better when sandwiched with a gooey chocolate-hazelnut spread.

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New-School Sweet Potato Pie

Bobby proves that this Southern classic doesn’t need to be loaded with butter, sugar and marshmallows in order to be delicious. Featuring a whole-wheat crust and fat-free evaporated milk, his revamped pie clocks in at just 290 calories per serving, so there's no need to feel guilty about a second helping.

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It's-Really-Better-Than-Sex Cupcakes

Juicy crushed pineapple and a fresh raspberry garnish take basic cupcakes to the next level.

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Spiced Apple Cake

Filled with chunks of Granny Smith apples and ample doses of autumnal spices, this tender cake — slimmed down with whole-wheat flour and applesauce — is the perfect fall treat. 

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Lime Mousse Cups

Channel summer with these zesty and refreshing mousse cups topped with a cooling lime granita that's infused with nutrient-packed coconut water.

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Bobby's Ricotta Cheesecake

This dreamy cheesecake — built on a crunchy graham-cracker crust — gets its smooth, velvety texture from a combination of low-fat cream cheese and part-skim ricotta.

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Bobby's Pecan Christmas Tassies

Bobby captures all the delicious characteristics of pecan pie — the chewy, nutty filling and tender, buttery crust — in just one bite.

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"No-Fry" Apple Pies

Baked until golden-brown, Bobby’s apple-stuffed hand pies are just as crisp and irresistible as their fried counterparts.

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Butterless Banana Split-Brownie Pizza

Craving a banana split-brownie pizza, but not the calories that come with it? Bobby removes the excess fat by using a butter-free brownie as the base. With coconut oil standing in for butter, agave nectar for sugar and applesauce for eggs, it's healthier but just as moist and rich.

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