Season 1, Episode 5

Rock and Rebels

Along with food, Jim's greatest passion will always be music. Now he's heading out on a tour to rock out in the kitchens of three eateries that have music and food at their heart. In Louisville, he heads to Silver Dollar, a homage to old Bakersfield honkey tonks, where he pairs modern reinventions of dust bowl cuisine with some of his favorite vinyl classic outlaw country. Then it's onto a place inspired by the rebelliousness of punk rock, Boca Raton's Rebel House, which rocks the sleepy Miami suburb with super inventive, rule-breaking cuisine and quirky dishes like the Mother Love Bone-In Lamb and Iggy Popcorn. And finally, Jim heads to Washington D.C.'s Dangerously Delicious Pies, where Jim meets his old touring mate Rodney Henry at his pie shop and musicians' hangout/rehearsal space to make several of his famous sweet and savory pies -- and then play with his band.
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