The World's Best Baked Goods

Paul Hollywood visits the baking capitals of the world, meeting the people, seeing the places and learning the traditions that make up the best of baking. Flip through some of the world's best baked goods from Paul Hollywood City Bakes.

Eiffel Tower Pastry in Paris

Paul teamed up with Stohrer's head baker, Jeffrey Cagnes, in Paris to make a giant edible Eiffel Tower made of fresh eclairs and chocolate fondant icing. 

Get the Recipe: Choux Pastry Eiffel Tower

Babka in Warsaw, Poland

Paul visited Odette Bakery and put a twist on the classic Polish babka with lemon, coconut and lime infused into a sponge cake topped with zest.

Get the Recipe: Babka

Key Lime Pie in Miami

Miami is known for producing the best Key limes. Paul took advantage and made his own version of the Florida Key lime pie topped with cream and zest.

Get the Recipe: Key Lime Pie

Caprese Cake in Italy 

Andrea Pansa Bakery provided Paul with local almonds, lemons, chocolate and its staple candied lemon peel to make his own Italian-inspired cake.

Get the Recipe: Caprese Cake

Guava Pastries in Miami

Instead of enjoying coffee and doughnuts, the people of Miami indulge in ham and cheese pastries and Cuban coffee for breakfast. El Brazo Fuerte Bakery offers one of the freshest batches in the city. 

Get the Recipe: Iberico Ham and Manchego Empanadas

Cheesecake Brownies in New York City

Paul paired his brownies with Junior's famous cheesecake in New York City. The resulting mash-up was creamy, chocolatey goodness.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies

Cakes in Paris

The cakes and treats at Fauchon represent the refined elegance that is Paris, and they taste just as good as they look. 

Rum Baba Eclair in Paris

Fauchon is known for its unique flavors, and this eclair with flair is topped with rum baba — a small French cake saturated in rum — and bourbon vanilla cream for a boozy, sweet treat.

Wednesday Snails in Copenhagen, Denmark

Wednesday snails are a classic Dutch pastry that are large yet surprisingly light. The smell of baking cinnamon rolls is truly irresistible.

Cakes in Warsaw 

Odette Bakery deconstructs traditional Polish sweets and puts a modern, elegant twist on them. 

Bagels in New York City

Sadelle's celebrates the New York staple in towering form. While you're there, keep an ear out for a "hot bagels" announcement as they bring out fresh pumpernickel everything, salt and pepper, and more unique bagel flavors.

Hibiscus Doughnuts in New York City

Dough's unique flavors, such as candied hibiscus flower, make it a must-try spot in New York. 

Chocolate Croissants in Paris

Laurent Duchêne is known as the best croissant baker in Paris. One taste of his fluffy, buttery croissants and you'll be a fan too

Russian Pie in St. Petersburg

This elaborate pie from Bakery Stolle is a sweet pastry filled with beef and onions. Some of the shapes along the top are designed and cut out by hand.

Get the Recipe: Russian Beef Pie

Picnic Hamper in London

Fortnum and Mason is known as the most-luxurious grocer in London. Pick up one of the store's famous picnic hampers loaded with fine foods, pastries and preserves.

Get the Recipe: Scones

Roscon de Reyes in Madrid 

Pasterelia del Pozo is the oldest pastry shop in Madrid. The Roscon de Reyes, or King's Ring, is a cross between a cake and bread with orange blossom and lemon flavors.

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