Meet the Magical Mega Cakes from Choccywoccydoodah

Cake + chocolate + crazy talent = the coolest confectionery in Brighton, England.

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Ministry of (Chocolate) Magic

Wander into the fantastical world of Choccywoccydoodah, a strange and wondrous shop based in Brighton, England. Here, a mischievous band of confectioners known as the Doodahs stretch the boundaries of chocolate — and their imaginations — to make magical cakes that are bewitching to behold.

Fun Without Fondant

Choccywoccydoodah’s cakes are unique not only for what they have, but also for what they don’t have. Don’t be fooled into thinking these ornate creations are topped with fondant, which is typically used for cake decorating. Instead, the confectioners meticulously sculpt every flourish entirely from chocolate, using a secret process that was developed by the shop’s co-founders.

Smitten Kitsch-en

Choccywoccydoodah is known for its cheekily designed cakes topped with bold chocolate sculptures. Many of the shop’s creations are inspired by kitschy themes, with chocolatier and chief designer Dave Ratcliffe (aka Captain Creative) describing his personal style as “fairground circus.”

Coming Up Roses

In a country known for its rain, you’re bound to see plenty of gardens… but none so sweet as this quirky creation dreamed up by Choccywoccydoodah’s confectioners. Blooms are a big part of their world, so much so that both the Brighton and London locales have special cake garden rooms that can be reserved for private events.

Skull-king Around

Life may be fleeting, but the Doodahs’ love of chocolate is eternal. Elaborately adorned chocolate skulls are a specialty of the shop.


Christine Taylor (top middle) seeks out talent for the one-of-a-kind operation that she co-founded with her friend Christine Garratt (top right) by looking for the “square pegs that have never really fit into round holes.” This unconventional recruiting strategy has brought sweet, sweet success for Choccywoccydoodah, which is known as one of the best cake makers in the business.

Doggone Delicious

The Doodahs are so devoted to dogs that they’ve gone beyond a basic design to sculpt specific breeds out of chocolate, even using their own mutts as muses from time to time. This cake topped with two Westie pups (made out of white chocolate, of course) has set tongues wagging — in a good way.

Queen of the (Chocolate) Castle

As co-founder of Choccywoccydoodah, Christine Taylor is the shop’s high commander of chocolate, corralling the creative energies of her confectioners into exquisite cakes that surpass her exacting standards.

Moved to Tiers

So breathtaking are Choccywoccydoodah’s designs that former British soap star Jennifer Biddall was immediately transfixed by this Gatekeeper cake when she walked into the shop’s consultation room. Drenched in white Belgian chocolate and blanketed in an avalanche of pastel blooms, the cake proved to be the perfect centerpiece for Biddal’s wedding.

Magical Mystery Tour… de Force

All you need is love — and chocolate. The same could be said of the cake-decorating process at Choccywoccydoodah. The shop’s creations are entirely edible, with no wooden dowels or wires used to secure the spectacular toppers. Such a marvelous feat takes major skill… and perhaps a bit of magic.


Throughout the years, the Choccywoccydoodah team has made sure Cupid’s arrow stayed the course. In addition to dreaming up dozens of wedding cakes that celebrate love with lavishly carved chocolate flourishes, the Doodahs have even helped arrange surprise proposals right on the shop’s premises.

Heart of the Cake Art

The studio is where the most-fanciful dessert dreams are transformed into the sweetest of realities. Here, chocolatiers Dave Ratcliffe (right) and Tom Robertson (left) sculpt pounds upon pounds of Belgian chocolate into intricate embellishments to adorn Choccywoccydoodah’s cakes.

Making Waves

The artsy beachside town of Brighton, England, is the perfect backdrop for the whimsical creations churned out by the Choccywoccydoodah team.

Brighton's Got Talent

The Doodahs are always thinking way outside the (chocolate) box when it comes to their dazzling creations, which have been known to stand as high as 6 feet tall and pull in dozens of pounds of chocolate.

Sweet Stakes

Starting Choccywoccydoodah was a gamble that has paid off in spades. The shop continues to draw a steady stream of customers seeking out bold, brilliantly executed creations like this Viva Las Vegas cake. Such is the star power of these chocolate-topped confections that they’ve attracted celebrity fans, with clients who have included Madonna, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.

Cake Chameleon

Chocolatier Dave Ratcliffe, the shop’s Caravaggio of Cake, crafted this colorful stunner for the 50th birthday of ‘80s pop icon Boy George. With a playful clash of vibrant hues covering all five tiers and a cartoony chameleon lounging on top, Ratcliffe declared it the “brightest cake we’ve ever made.”

Creature Comforts

This frog may not turn into a prince, but it has enchanted many a chocolate lover. The critter-loving crew at Choccywoccydoodah has mastered an entire menagerie of chocolate creatures, which include birds, bees, snails and mice.

Tea Time

The Doodahs are spilling the tea… so tune in to Choccywoccydoodah on Fridays at 11 pm ET to get all the gossip (and see the stunning cakes in all their splendor).

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