Chuckmas: Chuck Hughes Celebrates Christmas His Way

Chuck Hughes has lots to prepare and lots to learn before he throws his first Christmas party ever. Chuck works like mad to create an amazing Christmas celebration that only Chuck could pull off: Chuckmas!

Photo By: Martin Laprise

Photo By: Martin Laprise

Photo By: Martin Laprise

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Photo By: Martin Laprise

Photo By: Martin Laprise

Photo By: Martin Laprise

Photo By: Martin Laprise

Photo By: Martin Laprise

Photo By: Martin Laprise

Photo By: Martin Laprise

Photo By: Martin Laprise

Chuck's First Christmas

This year, Chuck is hosting Christmas dinner for his family and friends for the first time ever. Will he be able to pull it off? He's got a shot — if he's ever able to untie himself.

Deck the Halls

While Chuck takes the lead in the kitchen, Chuck's girlfriend, Sabrina, is in charge of decking the halls of their new house. From candles to napkins to centerpieces to ornaments, Sabrina transforms the new house into a winter wonderland for the first Chuckmas ever.

The Host Has Some Fun

As part of the first Chuckmas ever, Chuck can't resist having some fun with his boozy beverages.

Cocktail Time

Chuck's refreshing Cranberry, Orange and Prosecco cocktail ensures all of his guests have a fantastic time.

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Blending Traditions

Chuck and Sabrina combine their favorite elements of his French-Canadian background with her Russian and Jewish heritage to create new traditions of their own.

Knock Everyone's Holiday Socks Off

As Christmas dinner approaches, Chuck doesn't seem too stressed. He knows his turkey is going to "knock everyone's holiday socks off!"

Let the Feasting Begin

Family and friends toast their hosts, Chuck and Sabrina, and prepare to dive in to the first Chuckmas feast ever!

Tradition With a Twist

Chuck forsakes the usual ho-hum smoked salmon for fresh cured gravlax. Chuck makes his with salt, brown sugar, dill and Szechwan peppercorns for an exotic twist.

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Never Trust a Chef ...

... who doesn't eat his own food. You can definitely trust Chuck, who tucks into the irresistible gravlax he's prepared.

The Best Holiday Turkey

Chuck's goal is simple: to make the best turkey his family and friends have ever tasted. His secrets are injecting brine right into the turkey, massaging garlic butter underneath the skin and surrounding the golden bird with delicious turkey meatballs for a sexy holiday centerpiece.

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Chuck's traditional Frech-Canadian meat pie gets its holiday zing from a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

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Just Like Mom Makes

For dessert, Chuck learns how to make his mom's traditional carrot cake from "The Dessert Queen" herself. A pinch of salt and a touch of orange zest in the cream cheese frosting take this classic layer cake over the top. Walnuts candied with maple syrup are a totally addictive and chomp-able garnish.

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Sucre a la Creme

Chuck describes the classic French-Canadian Sucre à la Crème as "rich, creamy, sweet — and probably your dentist's worst nightmare!" Maple and brown sugar fudge with Maldon sea salt and toasted pecans? Trust us: The cavities will be totally worth it.

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Passing the Apron

The vote is unanimous: Since the first Chuckmas was such an awesome affair, Chuck and Sabrina will have to host Christmas dinner every year from now on.


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