Chuck's Favorite Eats: Asheville

Asheville's Biltmore Avenue

On any list of the most food-friendly towns in America, Asheville, North Carolina, figures high in the rankings. There's great eating everywhere, but nowhere more so than on Biltmore Avenue.

The Biltmore Estate

First it's off to the largest privately-owned house in America, the Biltmore Estate, which is more than just a beautifully preserved relic of the Gilded Age. It's also where Chef Damien Cavicchi prepares historic meals.

Smoked Lamb with Plum Salad

Chef Damien uses several estate-grown ingredients in his dish of smoked lamb ham.

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Home "Grown" Honey

Next up, Chuck suits up for a visit to chef Laurey Masterton's garden, where she introduces him to the local produce, and the local producers (namely honey bees) which make what she calls "liquid gold." 

Get Smokin'

Chuck helps Laurey "smoke" the bees, which calms them enough so that beekeepers like Laurie can get to their honey without being stung.

Laurey's Liquid Gold

Chuck can't believe how delicious Laurey's honey is. He quickly understands why she calls it "liquid gold" –– it's easily the best honey he's ever tasted.

Honey, let's Cook

Having collected what liquid gold they need, Chuck and Laurey head back to Laurey's namesake restaurant where she uses the fresh honey in a honey-glazed pork tenderloin with fresh peach salsa.

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The Blackbird

Chuck Hughes is in for a treat at his third stop, The Blackbird, where pastry chef Roslyn Taubman bakes a decadent and uniquely Southern coconut cake.

Coconut Crazed    

Roslyn's Southern Coconut Cake packs intense coconut flavor: three layers of rich coconut cake are stacked between layers of coconut custard and then topped with cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut. 

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Tomato Jam Cafe

Chuck gets a lesson in southern cooking from chef Daniel Wright when he bakes cat head biscuits with the eponymous tomato jam

Chuck Doesn't Mess Around with Biscuits

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