Chuck's Favorite Food: Aspen

Find out where to eat on Hopkins Avenue in Aspen, Colorado.

Aspen's Hopkins Avenue

Nowadays, Aspen, Colo., is famous for being a swanky winter hangout, but it was built by miners, ranchers and even hippies. Those folks are still here, and they eat on Hopkins Avenue.

Steak House No. 316

Chuck poses for a pic at Steak House No. 316, a snowball's throw from the slopes in Aspen, with owner Craig Pearce.

Tomahawk Steak

At Steak House No. 316, rodeo-rider-turned-chef Kathleen Crook serves Chuck a massive 30-ounce steak with a big rib-bone handle called the Tomahawk.

Get the Recipe: Tomahawk Steak and Sauteed Spinach

Ute City

At Ute City, so named for the original Ute Indians of the region, Chef Rob McClanahan shows Chuck how to prepare Duck a la Plancha.

Get the Recipe: Duck a la Plancha with Blood Orange Sauce

Too Cool for School

Chuck rocks the cooler-than-cool "Aspen" look –– complete with ski goggles and helmet.


Chuck takes a break from his foodie adventures to hit the slopes in Aspen.

Watch the Video: Chuck Hits the Slopes

Say Cheese

Next up, Chuck stops in to Sarah Helsley's The Cheese Shop, where he indulges in incredibly cheesy fondue –– the ultimate postskiing meal.

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Mount Cheese

Why order a tiny cheese plate when you can order a Rocky Mountain-sized platter?

Creperie du Village

For dessert, Chuck ducks in to Creperie du Village, a cozy eatery where Chef Jason DeBacker is famous for his hard-to-pronounce but definitely easy-to-eat crepes.

Schokolade Palatschinken

Jason DeBacker's most famous crepe has a jaw-breaking German name: schokolade palatschinken. Try saying that with your mouth full.

Get the Recipe: Shokolade Palatschinke

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