Chuck's Favorite Eats: Charleston

Find out where to eat on King Street in Charleston, S.C.

Charleston's King Street

Between great food and good manners, Charleston, S.C., has a lot to brag about. "Holy City" used to be its nickname, but these days "Hungry City" is just as appropriate. Chuck tastes the best of Charleston's rivers, farms, oceans and marshes, where they all converge on King Street.

The Grocery

Chuck's first stop on King Street is The Grocery, a cordial gathering place that evokes memories of a small-town grocery. 

Wood-Fire Roasted

At The Grocery, Chef Kevin Johnson prepares soft-shell crab and fresh asparagus that he's roasted in a wood-fired oven.

Southern Soft-Shell

Chuck marvels at Kevin's completed dish of soft-shell crab before taking the first bite.

Charleston Grill

Chuck really kicks up the classiness factor with his next stop at the elegant Charleston Grill.

Playing with His Food

Chuck goofs off while Michelle Weaver, executive chef of the Charleston Grill, makes her famous low-country classic Frogmore Stew. Despite its name, the stew has nothing to do with frogs and is actually seafood-based.

More Frogmore, Please

Chuck enjoys his first few bites of Chef Weaver's (frog-less) Frogmore Stew.

Butcher & Bee

Chef Stuart Tracy makes some of the best sandwiches in town at his restaurant, Butcher & Bee.

A Menu a Day

The chalkboard menu at Butcher & Bee changes daily, but it's always filled with a combination of familiar and adventurous sandwiches.

Southern Sandwich

Chuck holds up his chorizo and guacamole sandwich made with care by Chef Tracy — a delicious way to experience good ol' Southern hospitality.


Chuck's last stop on King Street is Glazed, a gourmet doughnut shop where Allison Smith specializes in creating unique, out-of-this-world flavors with her homemade dough, glazes and jam fillings.

Get Your Goat

They're fresh out of the fryer, so Chuck waits (albeit impatiently) for the famous "purple goat" donuts to be topped with trademark lavender glaze and filled with goat cheese and seasonal berries.

Tune In (or the Fish Gets It!)

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