Chuck's Favorite Eats: Dallas

Find out where to eat on the "Big D's" Little Street.

Dallas' Little Street

Dallas has a big reputation, but on the other side of the river, in the little neighborhood of Bishop Arts, is the center of the best food scene in the Big D. Chuck's taking his big Texas look to Little Street.


One doesn't exactly think "Italian food" when they think of Dallas, but everyone who's in the know goes crazy for the little pasta and salumi spot called Lucia.

Hand-Cranked Pasta

At Lucia, Chef David Uygur shows Chuck how to use a hand-cranked machine to churn out the bigoli pasta that accompanies duck ragout.

Lockhart Smokehouse

At German-influenced Lockhart Smokehouse, Chuck learns the history of legendary Texas barbecue from pitmaster Will Fleishman, who serves up both brisket and shoulder clod.

Texas BBQ with a German Twist

Chuck takes his first bite of Lockhart Smokehouse brisket, while Will eagerly awaits his review. (Spoiler: It's delicious.)

Dude, Sweet

For dessert, Chuck heads to Dude, Sweet for artisanal chocolate delights.

Peace, Love ... Salami?

Katherine Clapner, chef and owner of Dude, Sweet, poses for a quick picture with Chuck before she teaches him how to make homemade chocolate "salami."

Chocolate Salami

The chocolate salami is made up of dates, figs, cocoa nibs and marzipan.

Hitting the Road

With a full (and happy) belly, Chuck says goodbye to Dallas' Little Street and hits the road in search of new foodie adventures. Tune in Thursdays at 10pm ET to watch!

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