Chuck's Favorite Food: San Antonio


Find out where to eat on St. Mary's Street in San Antonio.


San Antonio's St. Mary's Street

San Antonio has a beautiful river winding through downtown, cool art deco, old Spanish missions and fantastic food. On the colorful and quirky street called St. Mary's, Chuck digs into a new spin on a classic Tex-Mex breakfast, the Chalupa Robert, which Amador Montoya prepares at El Milagrito.

Breakfast Chalupas

Chuck samples Amador's famous breakfast chalupa at El Milagrito and quickly understands what all the fuss is about.

The Monterey

At The Monterey, Chef Chad Carey demonstrates his high-end take on a Texas football favorite: Frito Pie.

Chili Po' Boy

Chad makes his Chili Pie Po' Boy by smothering a po' boy with smoked pork chili, jalapeno mayo, cheddar and corn chips — and Chuck approves.

Party like it's 1849

Restaurant Gwendolyn in San Antonio is famous for using only the tools and methods that existed before 1850. Chuck gets in the spirit of things by cleaning oyster mushrooms by hand.

Cold School Delicious

Then Chuck happily samples Chef Michael Sohocki's braised quail with oyster mushrooms, which he's prepared without any modern-day shortcuts.

Biga on the Banks

Where St. Mary's crosses the river, Chuck stops in at legendary Biga on the Banks, where he meets Chef Bruce Auden, who makes oysters an ode to Texas' love affair with everything fried.

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