Chuck's Favorite Eats: San Juan, Puerto Rico


Find out where to eat on Fortaleza Street in San Juan.


San Juan's Fortaleza Street

San Juan, Puerto Rico, has tropical produce and Atlantic and Caribbean seafood, and Chuck tastes it all on Fortaleza Street. The street's namesake, the Governor's Palace (fortress), is located nearby.


At Aguaviva, which means "jellyfish" in Spanish, Chef Hector Crespo teaches Chuck a lesson in ocean-to-table cooking.

Fresh Catch

Chef Hector Crespo shows Chuck how to go free diving to catch spiny lobsters, but Chuck gets a little too attached.

Let the Ceviche Begin

It's hard to believe, but Chef Crespo (with a little help from Chuck) is able to transform these prehistoric-looking creatures into delicious coconut cream and lime ceviche.

Siglo XX

Chuck's second stop on Fortaleza Street is Siglo XX, and he's got a hankering for some of their famous paella.

A Paella Pan to End All Paella Pans

At Siglo XX, Chef Olga Flores shows Chuck how to use an enormous 54-inch paella pan to make seafood paella for 80 people.

Pan-oramic View

Paella for 80 people? Chuck seems skeptical.

Paella for All!

Chef Olga Flores and Chuck stir the massive meal of paella with paddles that we're fairly sure they stole off a boat. One thing's for sure –– there's more than enough paella to go around.

Cafe el Punto

The next stop on Chuck's tour of San Juan's Fortaleza street is Cafe el Punto, where he'll try a classic Puerto Rican dish called Mofongo.

Great Steaks

At Cafe el Punto, Alejandro Jeffs teaches Chuck how to make a traditional mofongo that's stuffed with skirt steak. This mofongo rivals that of any Puerto Rican grandmother.

Plenty of Plantains

Chuck happily fetches a bunch of green plantains, the central ingredient to a traditional mofongo.

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