Chuck's Favorite Eats: Santa Fe

Find out where to eat on Water Street in Santa Fe, N.M.

Santa Fe's Water Street

Santa Fe is one of America's oldest cities, and in every bite you can taste its history: native culture, Spaniards who founded the city, the Old West, and the artists, writers and chefs who came from everywhere else. Chuck is thirsty for a taste of the city, so he of course heads to Water Street.

Coyote Cafe

Chuck's first stop on Water Street is Coyote Cafe, where he'll try a dish rooted in the American West –– elk tenderloin marinated in hoisin and beer.

Blue-Corn Crust

Next, Chuck visits Chef Russell Thornton at Rooftop Pizzeria to see how he makes his signature blue-corn crust.

The Upper Crust

Good thing you can get the recipe so you can make this at home.

The Chile Shop

His appetite for pizza satisfied, Chuck moves on to get to know New Mexico's most famous food, the chile. And he knows just the place to go: Chris Beck's Chile Shop.

Red or Green?

While visiting Chris at The Chile Shop, Chuck answers the classic New Mexico state question: red or green chiles?

Red. Definitely Red

... Or both. But Chuck seems to take a liking to the red variety. So much so, he decides to inhale the red chile sauce.

Cafe Pasqual's

Lastly, Chuck visits Cafe Pasqual's to learn a unique take on oven-baked turkey.

Kagal's Kitchen

Chef Katharine Kagal, of Cafe Pasqual's, hand-makes the pottery in which her famous roasted turkeys (and many other delicious dishes) cook.

Outdoor Oven

Felipe Ortega shows Chuck Cafe Pasqual's unique outdoor oven. They don't make them like this anymore.

Home Sweet Santa Fe    

Chuck feels right at home in Felipe and Katharine's Southwestern kitchen, and with a spread like that, it's easy to see why.

On the Road Again

His belly full of good Southwestern cooking, Chuck is ready to hit the road again to continue his Eat the Street adventure in a whole new town. Tune in Thursdays at 10pm ET.

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