David Rocco's Italy: Picture The Sweet Life

Spin through photos of David Rocco as he cooks, eats and travels through Italy for his Italian food show David Rocco's Dolce Vita on Cooking Channel.

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Ciao Bella!

Just when you thought a little Vespa couldn't get sexier... Honestly, is there a better way to tour Florence?

Major Duomo

In the heart of Florence, David catches a break in front of the city's most beloved landmark, the Santa Maria del Fiore, known simply as the Duomo.

Taking a Break

The key to any great Italian dish is balance and David has that skill firmly in hand.

David's Favorite Room

David's not a chef. He's Italian! Inspired by "cucina povera," or peasant cuisine, which is at the heart of Italian cooking, David creates dishes with simple, fresh, seasonal ingredients that any home chef can find anywhere.

Florence Street Art

With a hectic shooting schedule for La Dolce Vita, sometimes his life can be a blur.

Cinema Paradiso Redux

Even Fellini would be jealous of the backdrop that David and his wife, Nina, discover for a romantic moment in Florence.

Fleet Street Eats

David grabs a quick bite before resuming grocery shopping for his show. Note the price of coffee.

Three Coins and a Rocco

A Florence fountain makes the perfect resting perch for an exhausted David Rocco. An avid runner, David often runs the streets of Florence.

Risotto on the Mind

David breaks up his exercise regimen by popping into a store to pick up Arborio rice, used for his irresistible Spinach Risotto.

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Make Love, Not Dinner

David whisks Nina away on a romantic carriage ride around the city for an anniversary surprise.

Get the Recipe: Lazy Man's Lasagna

Perfect with Prosecco

David and Nina savor a quiet moment together with a stunning view and some sweet, local bubbly.

Release the Truffle Hounds

In Italy, there is nothing like the hunt for fresh truffles! Well-trained dogs can sniff out these treasured, wild mushrooms in a flash.

The Lineup

Not even his celebrity status and culinary prowess can save David from this queue. They must have a really good pizza.

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Red Tablecloth Treatment

Rocco seeks sanctuary at a charming sidewalk cafe where tradition is as satisfying as the espresso and tasty bites.

Move Over, Butch Cassidy!

One of the more exciting ways to grocery shop around the city.

Rocco Goes Nuts

David finds fresh Italian chestnuts at the market and gets cracking with a little helper.

DIY Drinks, Italian Style

On vacation along the Amalfi coast, David and his friend Eddie use the fresh local citrus fruits to make classic Italian limoncello.

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Yes, It Really Holds Two

No time to lose, hungry people are waiting! David and his friend zip through the streets with their tasty, boxed-up booty.

World Cup, Lite

David and friends take their soccer seriously.

No Reservations Required

On vacation, David and Nina picnic with friends along the beautiful Amalfi coast.

Bow to the Beauty

The Amalfi Coast only gets more beautiful when you enjoy it from a monster yacht.

Outstanding in His Field

For a weekend getaway, David and Nina visit a vineyard in the city of Chianti, just 20 minutes outside of Florence.

Perfect Pairings

David and Nina sample the freshest flavors and iconic wines of Chianti.

Nice Chianti, No Fava Beans

In the historic villas of Chianti, David finds inspiration from the fresh olive oil and wine made at the estates.

Get the Recipe: Insalata di Pasta con Tonno: Pasta Salad with Tuna

Inspiration Found

David uses Chianti wine to make a Farro Risoto.

Get the Recipe: Farro Risotto al Chianti

Say Cheese!

David boldly shoulders a Parmigiano Reggiano wheel while squeezing out a charming smile for the tourists.

Perfecting Pasta Sauce

After a day of exploring, David jumps into the kitchen and mixes up sauces inspired by his adventures.

The Best Kitchen Tools

There are few things that are better in life than making homemade pasta sauce by hand.

Cool Mediterranean Dip

After a grueling shoot for the new season of David Rocco's Dolce Vita, it's time for downtime.

Palling Around

David catches up with friends from his 'hood. You can catch up with Rocco weekly on Saturdays at 12:30pm ET – only on Cooking Channel.