Eden Eats: Baltimore

Eden is ready to see whom she can meet and what she can eat as she travels the globe via food in Baltimore.

Baltimore Abroad

Baltimore is famous for steamed crabs and its harbor view, but it also was one of the leading points of entry for new immigrants into the United States (second to Ellis Island). That means plenty of great global cuisine.

Charm City

Eden has 24 hours to uncover the best of the international food scene — including cow tongue and cow foot — around Baltimore's 225 unique neighborhoods.

Eastern European Eats

There are about 90,000 Russian Jews living in the Baltimore area. The eccentric sisters Nella & Lisa opened up Vernisage to serve a strong taste of home to that community.

Eden and Lisa

Eden experiences Russian culture as she learns to make an oxtail borscht that takes 2-1/2 hours to cook.

Oxtail Borscht and Tongue Salad

Their diced beef tongue salad evokes the earthy and delicious flavors of Eastern Europe.

Get the Recipe: Oxtail Borscht and Tongue Salad

Cooking in Kenya

The restaurant Swahili Village transports diners to East Africa with its ambiance and authentic dishes.

Kenyan Kevin

Kevin and his wife, Lynn, prepare for Eden a well-rounded meal of grilled goat that has been marinated overnight, collards and a tomato-and-onion salad.

Mbuzi Choma, Sukuma Wiki and Kachumbari

The tender goat meat (Mbuzi Chomoa) is paired with a tomato-and-onion salad (Kachumbari) and Sukuma Wiki, or collards, which means "push the week." Kevin says meat isn't always available at home, so the greens are eaten through the week to lead up to Friday when a family might eat some meat.

Hidden Himalayan

Eden heads to Himalayan House — a mini market with a flourishing Nepalese kitchen in the back — for a late-night snack.

Kathmandu Classic

They place strips of chicken on a long skewer and cook it in a clay tandoori oven that reaches 900 degrees.

Choila and Chewra

The chicken (choila) gets coated in spices after it cooks. It is served with chewra, or dehusked rice flattened into dry flakes with no need to cook.

Late Night in Lithuania

At 1 am Eden heads to Lithuanian Hall to enjoy delicious Lithuanian food, booze and dancing (director John Waters is a regular).

Honey Liquored Up

Eden hits back several shots of the house made honey liquor made from spices, honey, rye, whiskey, grain alcohol and a blend of citrus fruits. It teaches her that there's a fine line between a few shots and total humiliation.

Potato Zeppelins (aka Cepelinai)

The Lithuanian classic is made from a mix of potatoes wrapping around ground beef and pork. It's topped with a bacon sauce and sour cream so it must be good.

Get the Recipe: Potato Cepelinai

German Chocolate

At Kirchmayr Chocolate, Albert Kirchmayr brings the fine German tradition of handmade chocolates to Baltimore.

Breakfast of Champions

Germany imports more hazelnuts than any other country. After Albert coats the toasted nuts in luscious caramel and drenches them in chocolate, Eden tries to separate each one so they don't stick together.

Get the Recipe: Schoko Nuss (Chocolate-Covered Hazelnuts)

Cherry-Topped Marzipan Candies

Another German specialty: marzipan (almonds and sugar mixed into a paste) candies topped with cherries and then pushed through a waterfall of chocolate.

Rejuvenating in Nigeria

After a breakfast of chocolate, Eden is craving a hearty pick-me-up. She heads to De Ranch restaurant, which serves many of the 10,000 Nigerians in area.

Holy Cow Foot

The owner, Pascal, shows Eden a secret ingredient for his rejuvenating bitter leaf soup.

Footing Around

Eden's never short on cow foot antics.

Bitter Leaf Soup

The Nigerian specialty gets its rich flavor from smoked and dried catfish, goat, tripe, cow foot, yams and spices.

Delicious Dancing

The bitter leaf soup has given Eden enough energy for a Nigerian dance lesson before getting some sleep and prepping for her next global food trip in a new city.

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