Eden Eats: Honolulu

Eden is ready to see whom she can meet and what international dishes she can eat as she travels around Honolulu, Hawaii, to uncover the hidden global food scene on Cooking Channel's Eden Eats.

The World in Hawaii

If you think Hawaiian food is just pineapples and Spam, think again. Hawaii is the most culturally diverse state in the country, and its eateries show it.

Surf's Up

With ethnic minorities making up 75% of the population, Hawaii is not only one of the most beautiful places on earth but one with some of the most delicious places to eat in as well. Eden has 24 hours to taste as many international cuisines as possible.

Getting Hungary

Eden's first stop is Zsoli's Chimney Cakes, a traveling log-cabin-shaped food truck that makes traditional Hungarian chimney cake desserts.

Chimney Cheer

The owner Zsolt came to Hawaii for a competitive kayaking race and never left.

Chimney Cakes

The tube-shaped Hungarian chimney cakes are topped with powdered sugar or other sweet bits.

Chinatown Chow

Located in Honolulu's bustling Chinatown, Ying Leong Look Funn Factory makes delicious rice noodles for the local markets and restaurants and to sell directly to customers at the take-out counter.

Big on Pig

Char siu is Chinese barbecue meat. It's also delicious.

Look Funn Noodles

Their handmade rice noodles are speckled with the flavorful barbecued pork.

Kitchen of Burma

At 7 p.m., Eden arrives at the Lemongrass Café, a weekly pop-up restaurant run by Aye Aye Maw, one of 100,000 Burmese living in the United States.

Burma Buds

Aye Aye's pop-up dinners are part of the Pacific Gateway Centers Culinary Business Incubator, which aids immigrants pursue entrepreneurial opportunities in culinary fields.


Aye Aye's specialty is Mohinga, a noodle-and-catfish soup that is considered the national dish of Burma (now known as Myanmar).

Japanese Nourishment

While the rest of the city sleeps, boats full of fish arrive at the docks for the Honolulu Fish Auction.

Honolulu Fish Auction

The only fish auction between Tokyo and Maine, this modern market offers commercial buyers just feet away from the boats the opportunity to bid on fresh fish only minutes from being caught.

Just Happy Sashimi

Eden learns the art of perfectly cutting and using the freshest of raw fish.

Portuguese Goodies

In need of a sweet breakfast pick-me-up, Eden heads to Agnes Portuguese Bake Shop to score some traditional Portuguese donuts.

Pastries of Portugal

Originally made to use up eggs and lard before Lent, the donuts are made with a natural starter from starchy potato water.


The donuts are called Malassadas, which translates to "badly made." But the crispy-on-the-outside and custardy-on-the-inside treats certainly taste incredible.

Croatian Culture

Eden's final stop is Adriatic Foods, a stationary Croatian food truck serving traditional Croatian kabobs.

Croatian Fascination

Eden is amazed by Marija Saban's stories and recipes.


Easier to eat than it is to pronounce, this delicious beef-and-pork-sausage sandwich is topped with a red-pepper-and-eggplant sauce called ajvar.

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