Eden Eats: Nashville

Eden is ready to see who she can meet and what she can eat as she travels the globe via food in Nashville.

The World in One City

Nashville is known for its country music, rock 'n' roll legends and Southern barbecue, but it also has one of fastest-growing immigrant populations in the country.

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Global Grub

Eden's mission is to meet the people who have brought their culture to America through food and to learn to make some of their signature dishes.

First stop: Thailand

Eden kicks off her tour by stopping at one of Nashville's first ethnic restaurants, International Market, which opened in 1975.

Epic Salad

The owner, Patti, shows Eden how to make her off-menu Patty House Salad, a dazzling display of more than 20 items eaten in monumental mouthfuls. After the meal (and a bit of exercise), it's time for ...

Snack Time in Somalia

Just past 3 o'clock Eden heads to Africa Foods to meet Sadiya, Nashville's first female Somali restaurant owner and chef.

Somalian Stories

Eden sits down with Sadiya and her friend Moon, who both fled Somalia's civil war by way of Kenyan refugee camp.

Chicken Suqaar

They share a huge plate of Somali comfort food eaten with rice and spaghetti and topped with a banana.

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A Bite of Bosnia

As the sun sets, Eden heads to Café Bosna to meet the feisty chef Sevala.

Bosnian Bonding

Sevala single-handedly cooks all the tasty, authentic home-style Bosnian food at her restaurant.

Sogan-Dolma (Stuffed Onions)

Sevala's tender onions are filled with a flavorful ground beef stuffing made with oats, rice and vegetables.

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Pub Grub

Eden hangs out with pub owner Paula and learns a couple pints can get a girl doing all kinds of things she'll live to regret (hint: Irish step dance).

Scotch Eggs

The house special is deep-fried hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat and breadcrumbs — perfect midnight snackage.

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Up All Night

It's 5 am, but Eden just arrives at Azadi International Food Market and Bakery to experience some Kurdish culture.

Naan with Sweet Butter and Local Honey

Naan is eaten at almost every meal, but Eden finds out it's not easy to make.

All Ghana

To finish her eating marathon, Eden visits a Ghanaian market, Gateway 2 Africa, for a traditional African experience.

Big Stick

Eden risks losing her digits to pound some fufu — a side dish of mashed plantains — with a giant mortar and pestle.

Peanut Butter Soup and Fufu

The traditional spicy stew is made with goat meat and smoked catfish.