Eden Eats: Phoenix

Eden heads around the world in the diverse desert city of Phoenix.

Feasting in Phoenix

Eden has 24 hours to eat her way around the world in Phoenix, one dish at a time.

Adorable Arizona

Though Phoenix is known for its Mexican cuisine (40 percent of the population is Mexican), it's home to 19 different cultures.

First Stop: India

Eden heads to Little India, a grocery and restaurant with authentic imports.

Chatting over Chaat

Eden and owner Anita fry up some dough for pani puri, a type of chaat, or savory Indian street food.

Pani Puri

The puffed dough is filled with yellow peas, potatoes, spices and cool water mixed with tamarind and spices.

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Indian Festival

After breakfast, they taste the offerings at an annual community festival celebrating the city's Indian population of 35,000.

Polish Provisions

Next it's off to Beavers Choice, a popular hangout mixing culinary influences from Poland, Sweden and Canada.

Pierogi Party

Eden and owner Hanna cook up pierogi leniwe, or lazy pierogi.

Pierogi Leniwe

This sweet treat is made with a polish cheese called twarog, often used in Polish cheesecake.

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Bosnia Breads

More than 4,000 Bosnian families call Phoenix home. Eden visits the bakery of one of them.

Balkan Bakery

It's 1 pm, and Eden learns to make bread from scratch at Jesenko Osmic's family-run business.

Spinach & Cheese Burek

This national Bosnian dish consists of phyllo pastry stuffed with spinach and cheese.

Middle East Feast

It's 8 am, and Eden heads to Baiz Market, a giant specialty import shop, cafe and halal butcher.

Butcher Buds

Eden gets a lesson in halal butchering on one of Hassan Baiz's many whole animals.

Lamb Kebab Platter

They prepare some juicy and flavorful shish kebabs with the meats of the freshly slaughtered lamb.

Cambodian Cooking

Eden meets Lakhana In, who fled Cambodia during the 1970 war.

Making Scents

Eden takes in the smell of fresh kaffir lime leaves.

Amok Fish

Tilapia gets steamed with interesting spices in a homemade banana leaf bowl.

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Native Foods

Eden's last destination is a roadside stand on the Salt River Reservation. Twenty-two of the nation's 565 native tribes can be found near Phoenix, including the Pima Maricopa tribe who run The Stand.

The Stand

Eden, Cher and Cindy roll dough for some chmuth, a tortilla they'll bake on a hot tractor blade.

Chmuth and Red Chili

The bread is served with a spicy red chili originally made with deer or buffalo meat.

Dance for Beauty

Eden burns off some of the day's food fest by joining in on a traditional springtime dance.


Eden's 24 hours are up. She's a little tired, but her beaver-adorned belly is full.

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