Eden Eats: Salt Lake City

Eden Grinshpan, of Cooking Channel's Eden Eats, is ready to see whom she can meet and what international dishes she can eat as she travels the globe via food in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A Taste of Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is known for mountains, its lake and Latter Day Saints, but it also has a vast multi-ethnic community.

In Bloom

Eden has 24 hours to travel the world in Salt Lake City, meal by meal, country by country.

Eating England

Salt Lake City has a large population of people of British descent, dating back to the early Mormon days.

British Buddy

The cheery expat owner of Little Taste of England, Mandy, teaches Eden to deep-fry everything from the classic cod to candy bars and blood sausage.

Fish and Chips

Eden learns that to make this perfectly tender and crispy dish, you should pick up the fillet by the tail and fry it flat so it doesn't curl.

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Mexican Meals

Twenty-two percent of the city's population comes from Hispanic countries. Eden heads to the factory of the popular Rico Brand beans to see what makes them so good.

Salt Lake City Bean King

The owner, Rico, started the business as a one-man operation but has now expanded it to a large factory and restaurant serving authentic Mexican cuisine.

Frijoles Rancheros

At his restaurant, Frida Bistro, the famous pinto beans get mixed with chorizo, pork rinds, peppers, tomatoes and sour cream.

Kenya Meets Pakistan

Mona, the owner of Shahrazad Market & Restaurant, was born in Kenya but moved to Pakistan and then Salt Lake City. She considers herself a part of both the South Asian and African communities.

Middle Eastern Master

Mona uses imported spices to cook up delicious and authentic dishes influenced by Kenyan and Pakistani cuisine.

Chicken Pilau with Rice

The bone-in dark meat chicken gets deep flavor and personality from cinnamon sticks, black cardamom and cloves.

Tasty Tibet

Café Shambala serves a taste of home for Salt Lake City's growing Tibetan refugee population of about 300.

Tashi's Tales

Tashi was a political prisoner and refugee from the Chinese occupation of Tibet. He fled the country by foot and relocated to Salt Lake City.

Tibetan Momos (Dumplings)

The dumplings are traditionally filled with yak meat, but these are made with ground beef, onion, cabbage and cilantro.

Appetizing Argentina

Eden has no time for sleeping when there are pastries to be made — particularly Argentinian pastries known as facturas.

Just Desserts

Pablo bakes most of the desserts himself to serve numerous restaurants and markets in the area.


At Pampas Bakery, the Argentinian version of the croissant is filled with homemade dulce de leche that takes three hours to cook.

Culture of Congo

Eden meets up with Mama Africa, who dresses her in a tight-fitting outfit and gives her a taste of her immensely spicy pili pili sauce.

Mama Africa

Mama Africa takes her custom smoker to festivals around the city to smoke up delicious tilapia.

Smoked Tilapia with Fried Plantains

The fish is marinated for two days before being smoked and topped with the fiery sauce made from blended habanero chiles, spring onions, garlic and tomatoes.

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Delirious with Dumplings

After the long day, Eden is a little out of it, but she's ready to rest up and travel to a new city for another 24-hour global adventure.

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Salt Lake City