Explore the Amalfi Coast with David Rocco

David Rocco returns to Italy, but this time to the breathtakingly beautiful Amalfi coast.

Along For The Ride

David sets out to explore the scenic and historic Amalfi coast, and meets the mammas, nonnas and chefs behind the region's simple, honest, rustic Italian food.

Gathering From The Grove

David helps Amalfi native Guiseppe gather a basketful of Amalfi's famous limone, a sweeter, juicier variety of lemon.

Laughs and Limones

With the ocean and mountains all around, David shares a few laughs with his new friends.

Limoncello Like the Locals

Locals like to incorporate "limones" into many and diverse dishes, but David has his heart set on learning how to make the Amalfi coast's signature liqueur – Limoncello.

Lemon Granita

Limoncellos aside, David makes a sweet and refreshing lemon-based granita.

Get the Recipe: Lemon Granita

Ocean to Table

Always game for an adventure, David lends a hand with local fishermen and catches fresh seafood for a dinner cooked right on the boat.

The Day's Catch

What's on the menu for David's oceanside supper? Octopus!

Octopus and Potato Salad

David wastes no time in putting the fresh octopus to use.

Get the Recipe: Octopus and Potato Salad

Another Day In Amalfi

Crystal clear waters mean ocean-lounging is a must.

Step By Step

Musician friend and Amalfi coast local Eddie Oliva takes David to his favorite spots in town.

Pizza By The Piazza

Eddie takes David to a cafe gem for authentic, Italian pizza.

Straight To The Source

David dives into the world of buffalo milk cheeses, starting with a visit to a creamery in the town of Paestum where he meets the majestic buffalos face to face.

He's Got The Goods

David carries a case of fresh mozzarella di bufala to a seaside cooking lesson.

Coastal Cooking Class

With fresh mozzarella di bufala on hand, David learns how to make the traditional Italian dish, Caponata Mare e Monte.

Zipping Around Town

David doesn't hesitate to hop on the most popular form of local transport: the Vespa.

Basking In The Italian Sun

Taking in the afternoon rays isn't all David has planned. He makes sure to visit this spectacular fjord and take part in a local wine festival - or Sagra - in the breathtaking town of Ravello.

Always More To Learn

He may know a thing or two about Italian cuisine, but that doesn't mean David isn't all ears during a mountain-top lesson in rustic Amalfi cooking.

Grapes of Gold

Known worldwide for its unique climate, The Amalfi coast is responsible for some of Italy's finest wines. David relishes in the opportunity to visit one of its most respected wineries.

Shepherds, Mountains and Sunset Picnics

As the sun begins to set, David joins a group of local shepherds up in the mountainous town of Agerola and helps prepare a traditional dinner at dusk.

Make The Food

From shrimp ceviche and octopus salad, to stuffed calamari and spaghetti mare e monte, get the recipes to all the delicious Italian food David tastes on his culinary quest through the Amalfi coast.

David Rocco's Amalfi Getaway