Get Schooled With the Classy Ladies

Go on location with Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark as they consult the experts of the culinary world.

Beerly Legal

What pairs with a hot dog? Beer, of course. Alie and Georgia serve up their Beerly Legal cocktail, mixing light beer with tangerine juice and orange liqueur to sweeten things up.

Get the Recipe: Beerly Legal

Lesson 2: Juice Cleanse


A Lesson in Shave Ice


Frosty the Palmer

Alie and Georgia put a boozy spin on the Arnold Palmer, mixing black tea-infused bourbon, limoncello and lemonade concentrate together and pouring over shave ice.

Get the Recipe: Frosty the Palmer

Beefy Tomato Cocktail

The ladies heat things up with a different spin on the Bloody Mary, blending beef jerky-infused tequila with an heirloom tomato, lemon juice and some horseradish. The final touch? A jerky swizzle stick.

Get the Recipe: The Beefy Tomato Cocktail

5-Spice on Ice

The cocktail mavens boil their special spice blend in simple syrup to add to a caramel-colored concoction with a kumquat smashed in it.

Get the Recipe: 5-Spice on Ice

Grape Expectations

Channel your inner child with the Classy Ladies' vodka-spiked grape soda float. The proper way to consume this beverage is via silly straw.

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Learning to Pop Kettle Corn


Kettle Cornucopia

With their ever-inventive imaginations, the ladies pack all the buttery, sweet and salty flavors of kettle corn into one deliciously satisfying cup of liquid gold.

Get the Recipe: Me So Corny (Um, Kettle Cornucopia)

A Lesson in Perfect Pies


Apple of My Pie

What do you get when you put an entire slice of apple pie, crumbly topping and all, into a blender? Well, if you add in booze and apple juice, this magical cocktail.

Get the Recipe: Apple of My Pie

Next Stop: Marshmallow Making



Alie and Georgia play matchmaker and create a beautiful marriage between peanut butter and marshmallow. All they needed was a little vodka to break the ice.

Get the Recipe: Nutterfluffer

Class Dismissed — With Chocolate


Sesame Bonbon Cocktail

The ladies pair the flavor of toasty, nutty sesame with chocolate for their Sesame Bonbon, which, as Georgia says, tastes like a grown-up peanut butter sandwich with chocolate. Vive le chocolat!

Get the Recipe: Sesame Bonbon

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