Heat Seekers: On the Spice Route With Roger and Aaron

On Heat Seekers, Roger Mooking and Aaron Sanchez sample the hottest foods out there to see who can really take the heat.

On the Spice Route

Aaron Sanchez and Roger Mooking get ready to face some fiery chilies at Araya's Place, a Thai restaurant in Seattle.

Extra-Hot Dogs

Aaron and Roger are taking down some of the country's spiciest hot dogs in Chicago.

Noodles on Fire

At Heaven on Seven in Chicago, the guys sample a signature dish: "Hot as a Mutha Pasta."

Hot Links

In New Orleans, Aaron and Roger see what goes into tongue-torching hot sausage po' boys.

Gumbo Time

The boys battle it out to see who can finish a bowl of legendary Creole gumbo laced with XXXX Voodoo sauce.

Killer Nachos

In Charleston, S.C., these extra-spicy nachos are out of control.

Oyster Showdown

The guys have a laugh shucking oysters for the XXX Spicy Oyster Shooters at Pearlz Oyster Bar in Charleston.

Serious Hot Sauce

Roger stirs a pot of smokin' hot enchilada sauce in Santa Fe.

Real Hot Wings

At the Wing Dome in Seattle, the signature dish is all kinds of spicy.

Who Will Prevail?

Roger and Aaron think they can handle an order each of hot wings — but these hot wings might beat them at their own game.