My Food Obsession: The Strangest Food Phobias and Afflictions


For many people, something as normal as eating can be a constant struggle, an obsession or an out-of-control nightmare. Meet four people whose relationship with food is damaging their relationship with their loved ones (or their health).


Jessica Sleep Eats

Every night, 21-year-old Jessica stumbles to the kitchen to sleep eat and consumes up to 1,500 additional calories. Her unusual behavior has caused her to put on 20 pounds and her mother is starting to worry.

Will a sleep clinic help Jessica finally get to the bottom of her problem?

Find out on Cooking Channel's My Food Obsession.

Patrick's Vinegar Addiction

For the past 13 years, Patrick has been drinking seven cups of vinegar every day and even drowns every meal in the condiment.

He's become so dependent on the acidic liquid that food has no flavor without vinegar.

Will shocking news from a doctor be enough to convince Patrick to change?

Shiseido Fears Mayo

Since she was 6 years old, 25-year-old Shiseido has had a paralyzing phobia of mayonnaise.

The mere sight sends her into a full-blown panic attack, and her fiancé has had enough.

Will Shiseido be able to confront her fear and save her relationship?

Vic's Hot Sauce Obsession

Vic, 44, has built a hot sauce collection totaling 4,400 bottles.

He intends to increase his collection from 4,400 bottles to 5,500.

Will his wife put her foot down, fearing for their bank account?