Tino's Latino: Puerto Rico

Chef Tino Feliciano takes us on a culinary tour of his home country on the Cooking Channel's special Tino's Latino: Puerto Rico.

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Rico Suave

Chef Tino Feliciano takes us on a Latin culinary adventure through his home country of Puerto Rico to explore its unique local flavors and traditions.

Desayuno of Champions

Tino starts his day off at local San Juan restaurant La Bombonera for The Mallorca sandwich—a sweet and savory sandwich of ham, bacon, eggs and cheese layered between two pieces of a powdered sugar-topped dough.

Time Traveler

On his tour of the historic city of Old San Juan, Tino points out its beautiful old architecture, like this ancient fort.

The Lamborghini of Coffee Roasters

Pablo Muñoz gives Tino an up-close look at his 900-pound coffee roaster at Cuatro Sombras, one of the oldest coffee shops in Old San Juan, where he brews with his own locally grown coffee beans.

Hurray for Paella!

Puerto Rico is known for its fresh seafood, so Tino pays his friend Chef Roberto Trevino a visit to cook up some of the best paella in town.

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Farm Fresh

Tino takes us to his hometown of Isabella where he stops at La Placita market in Plaza del Mercado to pick out some fresh, local ingredients.

Playing Chicken

This rooster takes Tino on a stroll down memory lane. When he was little, Tino's family used to raise over 5,000 chickens and sell them at La Placita.

Family Time

After enjoying breakfast together, Tino and his family take a walk along the scenic Puero Rican shoreline.

Pork Highway

On Guavate’s “Pork Highway,” Tino stops at his favorite food stand, Lechonera El Rancho, to watch the process of roasting a pig—from the freezer to the plate.

Puerto Rico: The Rum Capitol of the World

No trip to Puerto Rico would be complete without paying a visit to the world’s oldest, and most famous, rum distillery: Bacardi.

Two Million Shots

These big blue containers hold enough molasses for Bacardi’s daily production of more than 100,000 liters of rum.

Bottoms Up

What’s a visit to Bacardi’s Cathedral of Rum without a taste test? Cheers!

Mixology 101

Tino tries his hand at bartending and gets a lesson in cocktail making from Master Mixologist Ahmed Naveira.

All Aboard

Tino sets sail on the First Lady for some deep sea fishing, a popular activity in Puerto Rico because of the big fish that can be found off-shore all year round.

Tino's Latino

Grilled Red Snapper With a Fresh Citrus Salad

Tino cooks up a delicious meal from the red snapper he caught, packed with lots of bright Puerto Rican flavors.

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