Ride Along On Pizza Masters' Season 2 Adventures

Travel with Sal Basille and Francis Garcia as they adventure across the country in search of the secret sauce on Pizza Masters Season 2.

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Family Portrait

To kick off a new season, Sal and Fran pose for a nice photo together.

Sweet Serenade

Fran shows off his artistic side while playing the piano at Little Gem Cafe in Oak Park, Ill.

Knickknacks Galore

Thingamabobs? Sal's got plenty.

Picture Perfect

Two of these things don't look like the others. Sal and Fran bookend the finalists after judging a beauty pageant while on the road.

Pass the Vino

Fran pairs red wine with his red sauce over a meal with Chef George Germon at Al Forno in Providence.

Cart Swap

This season, Sal and Fran trade their vintage convertible for a golf cart, at least for a little while.

Running Off Course

Of course, they can't be on four wheels all the time — sometimes sprinting through the spray from sprinklers is the best way to get around.

All Aboard!

In Sal's free time, he's captaining boats now. Maybe the next Artichoke Basille's should be on the water. ...

Crust-Worthy Pizza

At Roostica in Stock Island, Fla., we may have found our new life mantra: "In crust we trust."

Trays For Days

Who needs a frame? At Tony Baloney's in Hoboken, N.J., rave reviews are mounted on pizza peels. 

Pumped-Up Kicks

It's not all about the pizza: Sal and Francis pause for some cotton candy before their next pizza binge.

For more of their adventures, watch Pizza Masters every week.

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