Get to Know Rev Run

We caught up with Rev to find out his diet secrets, his favorite place to eat in Hollis, Queens, and more.

Favorite Part of Rev's Kitchen
My favorite part about my kitchen is the new extension of the kitchen floor with new beautiful glass tiles.

How Rev Keeps His Diet in Check
On a typical day, I will have egg whites with spinach for breakfast, a turkey burger on a whole-wheat bun for lunch and a seafood entree for dinner. This is what keeps me on my quest for weight loss.

Favorite Restaurant in Hollis
My favorite restaurant in the Hollis area is Gabby's Pizza on Hillside Avenue in Queens. It's not on Hollis Avenue, but it's close enough.

Favorite Food Moments in Hip-Hop
My favorite food moments from hip-hop and rap come from this generation of rappers and entertainers who continuously post pictures of the food they are eating!

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