Get Fired Up for SEARious Meats

Join Justin Brunson in his hunt for beefed-up bites across America.

Bring on the Beef

Join Chef Justin Brunson in Denver as he starts his search for the meatiest meals like this towering burger befitting of the Mile High City. The Meadowlark Kitchen turns out a three-blend patty drenched in a silky cheese sauce and stacked with a poached egg and candied bacon.

Sugar and Spice

Justin rolls up to Rolling Smoke BBQ for St. Louis-style pork ribs that are rubbed with brown sugar and a special blend of spices, then smoked over pecan and applewood until they’re fall-off-the-bone tender.

The Perfect Cure

“The cure on this is perfect,” says Justin of the bison pastrami, part of a varied selection of house-cured meats at il porcellino salumi. Other standouts include the nutmeg-laced summer sausage and melt-in-your-mouth coppa.

Bacon Bonanza

The shop also serves its meats in signature sandwiches. The luscious bits of shaved bacon that are stuffed into this sandwich, for instance, come from a slab of applewood-smoked pork belly. A sheep’s milk fondue amps up the richness.

A Marrow Escape

The Old West is the inspiration behind The Fort’s menu, which features plenty of buffalo dishes. “Very rich and fatty and delicious,” marveled Justin after trying this buffalo bone marrow.

More SEARious Meats

Tune in to Cooking Channel to watch Justin tackle these meaty bites and more in the Mile High City.