Discover Secret Eats with Adam Richman

Go off the culinary grid with Adam Richman as he uncovers the most-amazing eats in the most-unexpected of places.

From Poland with Pizza

Adam starts off his culinary search in Warsaw, Poland, where the capital city wins him over with mozzarella-smothered slices, nostalgia-stuffed sandwiches and beyond-basic burgers. Let the adventures (and eating) begin!

Reach for the Pie

Scoring an authentic Neopolitan pizza served at Maka i Woda may feel like winning a culinary scavenger hunt, since it takes some serious effort to find this semi-hidden restaurant. These pies are a most-worthy prize, with Chef/Owner Pawel Fabis turning out smoke-tinged crusts crowned with an impeccable combination of toppings.

Wild (Garlic) at Heart

Reap the ultimate pizza reward with the Ramson, an off-the-menu pie that pulls together traditional tastes of Italy and Poland. A salami-studded blanket of creamy buffalo mozzarella and buttery eggs adorns the smoky crust, along with a flurry of Poland’s wild garlic for a fierce punch of spicy flavor.

Hello Again

Experience a retro street food in all its modern glory at Serwus, which serves the cheese-smothered, open-faced sandwiches known as zapiekanka. Co-Owner Chef Bronek Gratkowski is bringing this comfort food staple of a bygone era into the present day by building on the basic recipe of mushrooms, melty cheese and ketchup. Even the names are creative — each one is based on a Polish greeting.

A Boar-ish Bite

Leave those basic burgers behind at Warburger on Plate. Here, buns come loaded with shrimp, drenched with chili and stuffed with new-school patties made from more than just your standard beef. One off-the-menu stunner is the Dzik Dzik trio of sliders made with wild boar. Each quarter-pound patty features a distinct cheese paired with a complementary topping (think bacon and blue cheese). Housemade slider buns slicked with apple aioli complete this boar-ish trifecta.

A Taste of Tradition

Tuck into Poland’s most-traditional tastes at Przysmak, a restaurant that really takes the homey concept to heart – it’s nestled inside the apartment of Wanda Wrzeszcz. She has been serving her classic takes on Polish cuisine from this same spot for decades, with locals crowding in for a taste of pierogies, borscht and more.

Fry, Fry Away

One favorite is a ground pork patty known as kotlet mielony. Wanda mixes the pork with fried onions, egg yolk and a milk-soaked roll to bind it all together, then coats the patty with breadcrumbs and fries it to crisp perfection. The fried exterior is beautifully balanced by the tender pork inside, with Adam describing it as “more like the filling of a dumpling, the filling of a pierogi.”

Gobble the Globe

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