Get Revved Up for a Food-Fueled Adventure on Southern and Hungry

Everything else takes a back seat to the best food when Damaris and Rutledge are steering the way!

Big Wheels + Big Meals

When hilarious besties Damaris Philips and Rutledge Wood aren’t chowing down on the South’s best bites, they’re plowing through country roads pondering life’s big questions. “You’re saying people in New York City don’t eat fried pork chops for breakfast?” Rutledge asks. “What do they eat?!”

Hog Wild

These two don’t do anything halfway, so they start off their Southern adventures by going whole hog -- literally -- at Rodney Scott’s BBQ in Charleston.

A Meaty Medley

At the Neon Pig, an old-school butcher shop in Oxford, Mississippi, a medley of meats are combined with smoked bacon to make the Smash Grind Burger. “That is the most intense flavor I’ve ever had in a burger,” declares Rutledge after taking a bite.


The Slap Yo Mama Chocolate Pie from The Pie Folks in Cordova, Tennessee, features a shortening crust cradling a fudgy filling that’s tucked under a fluffy blanket of whipped cream.

Back to the Rind

The pair ham it up with a huge pork rind during a visit to MilkWood, a small plates hotspot in Damaris’ hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Yolkin’ Around

At MilkWood, Rutledge and Damaris dig into Southern standards shot through with Asian-tinged flavors; The Shumai “Deviled Egg” is a creamy yolk filling nestled in an unexpected vessel: a delicate wrapper made from egg whites.

Bird is the Word

Louisville’s The Silver Dollar goes beyond the basic beer can chicken recipe by replacing the standard bird with a gleaming game hen.

Let's Roll!

Tag along for more of the pair’s food-fueled adventures on Southern and Hungry, Mondays at 10pm ET.