Behind the Scenes of Spice of Life

Take a sneak peek at Hawa and her kitchen on an all-new show, Spice of Life.

Spicing It Up

Here's a first look at the set of Spice of Life where Hawa prepares some spicy halibut tips for the camera.

Home Is Where the Food Is

Hawa's food is deeply inspired by her home country of Somalia. Pictured here is one of her cookbooks, "In Bibi's Kitchen", which details the rich and diverse food cooked by grandmothers in eight different African countries.

Avocado Toast with a Kick

Before heading out for the day, Hawa whips up some awaze avocado toast. Awaze is a dressing that uses the spice blend of the day, Ethiopian berbere.

Some Like It Hot

This is the popular Ethiopian Berbere spice mix that Hawa uses on the show, and it includes everything from ginger and chili peppers to coriander.

Injera Time

Hawa learns from a beloved Ethiopian chef in Brooklyn how to perfect the art of berbere and injera. Injera is a fermented flatbread that you use to scoop up various foods and sauces.

The Kitchen is Poppin'

Hawa makes Nigerian-style popcorn with chickpeas. She uses the spice suya, which is a popular spice blend used on Nigerian street food.

Savor the Suya

Hawa learns more about the Nigerian spice suya from Chef Hema in Brooklyn, also known as "The Suya Guy". Suya is a blend of salt, peanuts, garlic powder, ginger and cayenne, among other spices.

An Inspired Dish

After learning more about suya, Hawa is eager to make a peanut soup found in countries all over the world. She uses suya to flavor her peanut sauce.